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The Adult Chair Podcast

347 – Holiday Replay: How Self-Validation Will Change Your Life

In my 25 years of practicing as a therapist and holistic life coach, I found that there was one common root cause behind many of the issues my clients were facing: low self-worth. From codependency to difficulty with decisions or boundaries, not having a strong connection with the inner self was often the driving force behind these challenges.   Most of us have a tendency to look outside of ourselves for worth and validation, and building up a strong sense of who we are on the inside takes practice. One of the...

346 – Holiday Replay: How to Manifest Anything with Dr. Joe Vitale

Whether you love manifesting or you’re still a little skeptical, I want you to consider one thing: if the Law of Attraction really is a law of nature, like gravity, is it possible that it is working in your life whether you know it or not?   Is it possible that your unconscious beliefs are shaping your reality in ways you don’t realize – or want – simply because you haven’t chosen another way of thinking?   This was the reality of Dr. Joe Vitale’s life when he was homeless and living on the...

345 – The Nutrition and Mental Health Connection with Andrea Nakayama

It’s that time of year again…the holidays are here, and with them come all the delicious food and treats.    I’m ALL about treating ourselves and eating for enjoyment, but there can also come a point where it’s no longer fun. You probably know the feeling: the sugar crash, the sluggishness, the fatigue, maybe even body aches or indigestion or mild depression.   It turns out there’s a reason behind this: what we eat is deeply connected to our brain chemistry, our hormonal balance and our mental and emotional health. And it’s different for...

344 – Overcoming Resistance with Steven Pressfield

Resistance. Like gravity, it’s such a common part of the human experience that few of us stop to acknowledge it, but it’s a force that exists in all of our lives.    It’s in the fear that pops up when we go to move forward in life. It’s in the inner critic, the imposter syndrome and the voice telling us we can’t. It’s in the writer’s block, the snooze button, the procrastination and the distraction.    It’s the force that pushes against our creativity and our efforts – especially the big dreams that are...

343 – Transform Hardship, Unleash Your Superpower and Thrive with Amberly Lago

When we face challenges in life (and we all do), it can feel like the whole world is against us. Whether we blame ourselves or others for our problems, it’s natural to think of our struggles as weakness.   But what if the challenges in our lives are actually a doorway to our strengths? What if they give us the opportunity to build resilience and uncover our superpower – the unique way we’re meant to make a difference in the world?   Amberly Lago is living proof that our struggles can become our strengths....

342 – Holiday Replay: How to Work with and Tame the Inner Critic with Jenny Jansen

All of us have an inner critic – the part that reminds us of our limits and our failures and tries to “keep us in line.” It’s that voice inside your head that can be critical, judgmental and even mean. Though it’s just one part of who we are, the inner critic is one of those parts that can be especially painful and stressful to deal with.   Not only does the inner critic impact our sense of self-worth, but it also keeps us stuck and small in life (although it thinks it’s...

341 – How To Stop People Pleasing and Codependency at the Holidays

It’s that time of year again…the holidays are officially upon us!   This is a happy time, but it can also be really triggering…especially for those of us who struggle with people pleasing and codependency.    This time of year puts us around more people than usual, and more demands are placed on us during this time…a combo that is like kryptonite for those who are addicted to other people. No wonder the holidays are so exhausting!    On today’s show, I’m helping you figure out how to stay in balance this holiday season, with practical...

340 – How To Work With Triggers

We all know the feeling: someone says or does something, and we feel our heart rate go up, the heat rise in our body, and the anxiety or anger take over. We just got triggered!   A trigger is an emotional reaction that we have to someone else’s words or actions. They often catch us off guard and can flood us with “negative” emotions, and if we’re not being conscious, our first reaction is usually to blame the person who triggered us.   But triggers aren’t about others; they’re always about us! And after...

339 – Navigating Narcissism and High-Conflict Co-Parenting with Sarah Kamoto

Realizing your partner is a narcissist or emotionally abusive and making the decision to leave can be one of the most liberating experiences of your life. But what if you’re forever tied to this person because of a child you share together? What if you can take yourself out of the relationship but can't take the narcissist out of your life?   Co-parenting with a highly toxic or abusive person adds a whole new dynamic to parenting and divorce. Your child needs more support than ever — and so do you as...

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