Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 343 – Transform Hardship, Unleash Your Superpower and Thrive with Amberly Lago
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343 – Transform Hardship, Unleash Your Superpower and Thrive with Amberly Lago

When we face challenges in life (and we all do), it can feel like the whole world is against us. Whether we blame ourselves or others for our problems, it’s natural to think of our struggles as weakness.


But what if the challenges in our lives are actually a doorway to our strengths? What if they give us the opportunity to build resilience and uncover our superpower – the unique way we’re meant to make a difference in the world?


Amberly Lago is living proof that our struggles can become our strengths. After building a career in dance and fitness, her life dramatically changed when she was hit by an SUV while riding her motorcycle. In an instant, she went from having a full, active life to undergoing 34 surgeries, spending six years in and out of the hospital, almost losing her leg and living in constant pain. 


She had every reason to be discouraged, to believe her life was over and to feel like a victim. But instead, she tapped into her “why” and chose to live a life of victory – and today, she is a wildly successful coach and motivational speaker who helps others find their superpowers in the midst of life’s difficult times.


In this powerful and inspiring conversation, Amberly and I talk about falling and getting back up again, how to find your superpower and how to overcome blocks, fears and dead ends in life so you can thrive!


Listen to discover:


  • Amberly’s powerful story of overcoming challenges and building her resilience 
  • Simple, powerful habits that can pull us out of negativity and depression
  • The power of resilience 
  • How to find your superpower
  • What to do when you feel stuck, blocked or at a dead end in life
  • How to take the first step right now, even if you feel blocked or scared


It’s so easy to hear an inspiring story like Amberly’s and think she must have special superpowers, but the truths of her experience are universal. We all face challenges, and we all get to choose whether we will let them overwhelm us or we will overcome them. We all run into fear, blocks and resistance, and we all get to choose to pursue our purpose anyway. 


You have everything you need within you to face whatever life throws your way, and I hope this episode inspires you to keep going and encourages you that the difficult moments of life can be turned into superpowers! 


“I think to really thrive and to tap into your superpower of resilience and thrive, sometimes it is so super simple of just getting back to basics.” – Amberly Lago


“Gratitude is alchemy.” – Amberly Lago


“I think that when we start asking ourselves the right questions – like ‘Why?’ ‘What is your why?’ ‘What is your purpose?’ – we can get through the hows.” – Amberly Lago


“I really, truly believe that the human spirit is powerful beyond measure.” – Amberly Lago


“Success is built on relationships, and proximity is power.” – Amberly Lago


“I don’t rely on motivation. I rely on resilience.” – Amberly Lago


“When we read, we learn about the world, we learn about other people. But when we write, we learn about ourselves.”  – Amberly Lago


“[When we journal] it’s like we discover what’s on the inside.” – Michelle Chalfant


“It’s normal to feel scared. That means you’re doing something really important.” – Amberly Lago


“So much of it is mental and emotional work…It takes practice.” – Michelle Chalfant


“I have learned to talk to myself instead of listen to myself.” – Amberly Lago


“Everybody has resistance that pops up.” – Michelle Chalfant


“You don’t quit on yourself.” – Michelle Chalfant


“If you can’t say that you need help, reach out and see how you can be of service to somebody.” – Amberly Lago





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