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The Adult Chair Podcast

138: Pathway to Self Love

We look and look for ways to love ourselves but nothing seems to create lasting change. In today’s show, we look a little deeper at The Adult Chair model, and how it helps us to love ourselves. I also share a few other tools that we can use to take us on an inward transformational journey that results in self-love.   Links & Notes: 5 minute Self Love Meditation...


137: End The Drama

Ahh, the holidays. Such a busy time of year and boy can they throw us into our Adolescent Chair. In today’s show, I chat with you a bit about how the holidays can throw us into “story and assumption” which creates drama in our lives. How do we end the drama? You guessed it…The Adult Chair! Enjoy the show and Happy Holidays all!...

136: The Adult Chair Changed my Life: A Conversation With Giovanna

Giovanna was struggling with anxiety and depression and stumbled upon The Adult Chair podcast. Giovanna shares with us how her life changed in 6 short weeks by listening to the show and applying a few simple tools that she gained. She has reduced her anxiety, improved her relationship with her husband and kids and learned how to love herself.   Links & Notes: The Adult Chair: A Guide to Loving Yourself Ep 34: How to Become Conscious Parents Ep 123: Helping Your Kids Cope with Anxiety Ep 128: Own Your Reality...

135: The Enlightened Empath with Sarah Weiss

Feeling drained or fatigued? Maybe you pick up on other people’s emotions and can feel what they are feeling? This “phenomena” is not random, these are qualities of an empath. When we understand the qualities of being an empath, we can get healthy and live in the world with greater peace and better health. In today’s show, Sarah Weiss shares incredible information about being an empath as well as the blessings and difficulties that come along with it. It was an awesome conversation, jam-packed with invaluable information.   Links & Notes: Ep 21:...

134: Repairing Relationships with our Kids (or Anyone)

In life, we sometimes hurt or damage relationships. The ones that we often regret the most are the ones that are with our kids or other loved ones. The question is, is it possible to repair these relationships and if so how? In today’s show, I discuss with you how to live from your Adult Chair and mend broken relationships with people that we deeply care about.   Links & Notes: Ep 128: Own your Reality Ep 131: The Power of Acceptance   Sponsor: This week’s show is brought to you by Audible! Get a free...

133: Ending Triggers

I have great news for you. Yes we can end our triggers! In this show I share with you what a trigger is and what to do with them to end being triggered. Hallelujah! I even go into one of my triggers and how I walked my way out of it and transformed it. I share with you lots of examples that will help you too to be able to transform and end triggers for good.   Sponsor: This week’s show is brought to you by Audible! Get a free audiobook to...

132: Healing Trauma with Courtney Armstrong

Trauma is such a heavy word and when we think about overcoming it, many of us feel defeated or that it could take a lifetime. In today’s show we learn otherwise. Courtney Armstrong joins me in a discussion of trauma and offers tools that we can begin using today that can change our trauma, heal and transform it for good. This is not a show to be missed!   Links & Notes: Courtneyarmstrong.net Michelle’s Workshops   Sponsor: This week’s show is brought to you by Audible! Get a free audiobook to spice up your commute and...

131: The Power of Acceptance

Many people think acceptance is weak or it’s something we do when we are defeated. It’s actually the opposite. There is great power in acceptance. It’s a choice we make from a clear intentional place within. When we do this our drama or anger can be done and gone. In today’s show, I speak with you about accepting things we are not happy about, things we cannot change and how our lives can transform with acceptance.   Links & Notes: Transforming Triggers podcast #98 30-day Journaling Challenge Michelle’s Workshops For the photo credit: Photo by Chris...

130: A Deeper Understanding of The Adult Chair

After four years of this podcast, I felt like it was time for a refresher of the three chairs. In this show, I discuss where the Adult Chair model came from and a review of the three chairs. For longtime listeners, this will reinforce your knowledge of the Adult Chair. For new listeners, this will help you to build a foundation for this model. Either way, it’s filled with great information about the three chairs!   Links & Notes: The Journaling Challenge The Adult Chair Book: A Guide to Loving Yourself...

129: Healing from Abandonment

Abandonment can leave an incredible wound inside of us. We do our best to bury it and not feel that pain but it leaves its mark on us. We move through life unconsciously guarded and ready for abandonment to happen again. We want to be free of this wound but don’t know how. In today’s show, I go over the two types of abandonment and offer steps to heal this wound.   Links & Notes: Journaling Challenge Inner Child Experience Download Narcissism Podcast Episode Grief Podcast Episode Parts Podcast Episode: Who’s Sitting In My Adolescent Chair? Healing from...

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