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The Adult Chair Podcast

314 – Healing our Abandonment Wound with Susan Anderson

Rejection is one of the greatest fears we have as humans. Even simple rejections like not making the team or being chosen for a job – things we know aren’t personal – still sting deeply. Why does rejection seem to hit at the core of who we are?   Susan Anderson began asking this question when she went through a personal experience of abandonment. The love of her life left her suddenly for another woman, and although she was a practicing psychotherapist with immense knowledge of the human mind, she still found herself in...

313 – Developing a Soul Practice with Graham Chalfant

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE deep conversation, and in this show, I’m letting you in on a beautiful conversation I had with my husband during one of our weekly coffee chats. This was totally unplanned, but as our chat turned into a conversation about the soul, connection and spiritual practice, I felt such important information coming through and hit “record” so all of you could join us in thinking about how to live a more grounded and loving life.   As humans, most of us live from the place of...

312 – Healthy Sexuality, Healing Sexual Trauma and Reclaiming Pleasure with Dr. Holly Richmond

Let’s talk about sex, baby! Our sexuality is a core part of ourselves and the human experience, but for too long, we’ve treated sex as a taboo subject. Well, in this episode, we’re “going there” and hopefully breaking down some walls and shame in the process.   My guest on this episode, Dr. Holly Richmond, is a marriage and family therapist, sex therapist and somatic (body-based) therapist who helps individuals and couples heal trauma and find greater intimacy and connection with themselves and each other. In this episode, we talk about why...

311 – How to Overcome Negative Self-Talk, Negative Beliefs and Addiction with Brian Pennie

When Brian Pennie was just a few weeks old, a medical condition nearly killed him, and the surgery the doctors performed to save his life was done without anesthesia, a common practice for young infants at the time (based on the faulty belief that infants couldn’t feel pain). Though Brian doesn’t consciously remember the surgery, his body remembered, and this early childhood trauma would define how he approached the world for the next several decades of his life.   From this experience, he learned that the world was a painful, dangerous place,...

310 – How to Live with Happiness Daily with Monique Rhodes

If you’ve been around The Adult Chair® for a minute, you’ve heard me say that happiness is an inside job. We are so prone to believe that joy comes from our external circumstances, which leads us to strive and strive for what we think will finally make us happy and blame others for our unhappiness. But the reality is that nothing outside of us will be able to make us happy if we don’t first cultivate a sense of joy and peace within.   My guest today, Monique Rhodes, discovered this truth...

309 – How to Save and Strengthen Your Relationship with Matt Fray

You think you’re a good person, you genuinely love your partner and you try to do the right thing …so why are you struggling in your relationship? Why do you and your partner feel unhappy, disconnected and maybe even headed for divorce?   These are the questions Matt Fray asked himself after his marriage ended. He knew he was a decent guy. He knew he had loved his wife, been faithful and done the things he thought he was “supposed” to do in a marriage – yet one day she came to him...

308 – Bending Reality with Yemi Penn

When we’re born into the world, we’re born into a set of assumptions and norms. When this is all we’ve known, we think this is just the way the world works — but what if it’s all just an illusion? What if there’s another way to live – outside of the status quo – and how can you manifest that life for yourself?   Yemi Penn calls this “bending reality,” and, no, she’s not talking about some kind of Star Wars-like force – she’s talking about questioning societal norms, thinking outside of the...

307 – Seasonal Affective Disorder with Dr. Norman Rosenthal

There's a funny meme I see floating around the internet that says, "I'm sorry for the things I said when it was winter."   It's a joke, but as always, there's truth in humor – and the reality is that winter REALLY does affect our mood (and how we react to others) at a scientific level.   This is due to something called "seasonal affective disorder," or SAD, and it has everything to do with the amount of sunlight we're getting and how it affects our brains. It can even show up as major...

306 – Empath vs. Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Does it ever feel like other people in your life just have more capacity than you? They float through busy social calendars, difficult family situations, work stress and world events while you feel overwhelmed, bogged down and exhausted. You wonder what’s wrong with you and if they’re right: you really are too sensitive.    If that sounds like you, there is NOTHING wrong with you; you just might be an empath or highly sensitive person (HSP) – someone who takes in more emotions, energy and input from the world around you.   Being an empath...

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