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The Adult Chair Podcast

415: Tiny Traumas with Dr. Meg Arroll

Today’s episode is an absolute gem, especially if you’ve ever felt that nagging feeling that something just isn’t quite right, but you can’t put your finger on it. You know, those moments when everything seems okay on the surface, but deep down, you feel uneasy?    Well, you’re not alone, and we’ve got an expert to shed some light on this!   We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Meg Arroll to the show. Dr. Arroll is a psychologist, scientist, and the brilliant author of "Tiny Traumas: When You Don’t Know What’s Wrong but Nothing Feels...

codependency revolution

414: The Codependency Revolution with Ross Rosenberg

This week I sat down with Ross Rosenberg to discuss how traditional approaches to codependency, narcissism, and trauma often miss the mark and how understanding the root of these behaviors, usually childhood trauma, is crucial for breaking free from unhealthy relationship patterns.   Ross Rosenberg is a global thought leader in codependency, narcissism, and trauma treatment.   In this episode, Ross introduces his innovative Human Magnet Syndrome, explaining why certain personality types are irresistibly drawn to narcissistic partners.   It's a hopeful and eye-opening discussion for anyone struggling with codependency. I talk about overcoming my own...

413: 5 Ways To Navigate a Relationship That Feels Stuck (replay)

There’s someone in your life you love, but the relationship just isn’t working.    Despite your best efforts to communicate and try to work things out, nothing is changing. This person seems totally uninterested in listening to you or working on the relationship.   You’ve hit a wall, and the relationship feels stuck.   This can be so maddening, frustrating, disappointing and painful! You wouldn’t be trying to make it work if you didn’t care for this person, but you can’t make them change…and you’re hurting in the meantime.    I hear from listeners all the time who...

life path and purpose

412: Finding Your Life Path and Purpose with Blake Chalfant

Have you ever wondered what it truly means to live a soul-driven life? In this episode, join me and my son, Blake Chalfant, as we dive into the world of soul alignment, self-discovery, and embracing your unique path. We'll explore the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures, the power of rites of passage, and how modern societal pressures often lead us away from our true essence.   Together, Blake and I address the global mental health crisis, discussing the critical link between emotional and physical well-being. We'll share how aligning with your soul's...

Journey to heaven

411: A Journey to Heaven and Back With Kristen Numen

What happens when we cross over to the other side? In this episode, spiritual medium and healer Kristen Numen shares her near-death experience, detailing her vivid encounters with the afterlife.    Join us as we uncover Kristen's emotionally charged journey into what many describe as heaven, offering comfort and understanding to those curious about the afterlife and the spiritual realm.   Kristen recounts her life review, where she saw the ripple effect of her actions on others and experienced a moving reunion with her spiritual family. Her miraculous return to life, the sheer joy...

quantum leap - Elyse Archer

410: Tap Into Your Gifts and Quantum Leap Your Life with Elyse Archer

In this episode, we’re having a conversation with the inspiring Elyse Archer, founder of Super Human Selling. This isn't your everyday chat; we're peeling back the layers to uncover the raw and real magic of embracing your authentic gifts. Forget chasing someone else's dream – it's all about shining in your unique light, and Elyse is here to show us how.   Elyse takes us on her personal journey, swapping the relentless pursuit of external success for a life rich with genuine talent and passion. It's about getting real with yourself and...

healing & preventing cancer

409: Healing & Preventing Cancer with Dr. Katie Deming

Hey everyone, today we're hanging out with Dr. Katie Deming, an oncologist with a whole new take on cancer care. Forget the usual clinical jargon – we're going deep into the world of conscious medicine.   Dr. Deming has this incredible story about how she moved from traditional to integrative oncology, bringing a holistic approach to well-being into her practice. We chat about how crucial things like diet, grounding, sunlight, and emotional work are in fighting cancer. If you're up for a chat about aligning your emotional, mental, and spiritual health to...

ancestral trauma

408: Healing Ancestral Trauma, Limiting Beliefs and Patterns with Alyse Bacine

In episode 408, I explore the transformative world of healing ancestral trauma, limiting beliefs, and patterns with the incredible Alyse Bacine. Alyse is a spiritual mentor and breathwork practitioner whose journey into the realms of deep healing and spiritual growth is both inspiring and profound.   She shares her profound insights on recognizing and dealing with trauma, understanding childhood wounds, and connecting with one's higher self through breathwork.    Listen to discover:   Why addressing trauma isn’t about actively seeking it out but rather dealing with it as it presents itself in your life. How...

physical and emotional health

407- How Toxins, Inflammation, and Food Affect Your Physical and Emotional Health with Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Did you know that your physical health directly impacts your emotional state — and vice versa?    Think about it: when you’re not in a good place emotionally, how does your body feel? Full of aches and pains, stomach issues, or other not-so-comfortable symptoms?    In today’s episode, Dr. Tom O'Bryan, an internationally recognized speaker on food sensitivities, environmental toxins, and the development of autoimmune diseases, joins me to discuss the intricate link between physical and emotional health.   You may be surprised to know that everyday substances like gluten in modified food, toxins in the...

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