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The Adult Chair Podcast

326 – Summer Series: How to Save and Strengthen Your Relationship With Matt Fray

You think you’re a good person, you genuinely love your partner and you try to do the right thing …so why are you struggling in your relationship? Why do you and your partner feel unhappy, disconnected and maybe even headed for divorce?   These are the questions Matt Fray asked himself after his marriage ended. He knew he was a decent guy. He knew he had loved his wife, been faithful and done the things he thought he was “supposed” to do in a marriage – yet one day she came to him...

325 – Summer Series: Finding your True Self with Dr. Shefali

The world around us demands so much of us. If we’re not careful, it can erode our souls, steal our true selves and get us to believe lies about the source of our worth. We have to become conscious and aware to step into our true power and a whole, awakened life.    I have been a huge fan of Dr. Shefali for years. I got SO much out of her work on conscious parenting when my kids were young, and it’s no wonder she’s become so well known for her work....

324 – Summer Series: The Anxiety Survival Guide with The Anxiety Sisters

Do you know what anxiety really feels like? I’m not talking about the emotions of fear or stress, but what it feels like in your body.   So many of us live with anxiety and don’t even know it because it’s SO physical. It’s even easy to mistake it for physical disease, like heart issues or digestive issues.   That was the case for Abbe Greenberg and Maggie Sarachek, two soul sisters who are both mental health professionals and the founders of Anxiety Sisters, a supportive community for those living with anxiety. Though they...

323 – Summer Series: Overcoming Trauma and Limiting Beliefs with Michael Unbroken

We all have limiting beliefs that hold us back in life. But what if you’ve experienced significant trauma as well? How do you distinguish between a trauma response and limiting or negative thinking? How do you find the power to heal when things have happened that were out of your control?   My guest today, Michael Unbroken, has an intense and powerful story of overcoming unspeakable trauma, growing up with abuse, addiction and homelessness. At one point, he wanted to end his own life. But he made a decision to live, and...

322 – Summer Series: Narcissistic Abuse Explained with Caroline Strawson

Sometimes, it takes losing everything you know to start over and begin the journey of healing.   Caroline Strawson is an internationally recognized trauma-informed therapist and coach who helps her clients recover from narcissistic abuse and complex PTSD and create thriving lives. Her journey began with her own story of loss when, in a very short period of time, her mother passed away, her narcissistic husband left her and their two young children and she discovered he had gotten them into $100,000 of debt, leading to the loss of her home and...

321 – From Depression to Inspiration with Ione Butler

It can be difficult to stay positive in today’s world. Not only do we all have an inner critic trying to send negative self-talk our way, but with 24-hour news coming at us, social media, polarization and fear and anger in the world, it is so easy to get pulled into energy that doesn’t serve us or uplift us.   It’s no wonder that so many of us struggle with mental health, anxiety and depression.    Ione Butler also struggled with depression most of her life and went on a self-healing journey to learn...

320 – How to Become Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Whether it’s eating healthier, getting exercise, starting a meditation practice or staying socially connected, figuring out what to do to be happy might be simple – but actually doing these things and living in a way that lets us experience happiness is much harder.   When we know there are things we can do that will make us healthier and happier, why do we struggle to actually do them? Why do we get caught in a cycle of chasing happiness instead of choosing joy, even when we know better?   This is what Gretchen Rubin...

319 – The “How Tos” of Deep Connection with Graham Chalfant

We live in a world that’s both more connected and more disconnected than ever. With things like Zoom, FaceTime and social media, we can get in touch with others with the click of the button.    But we also have an epidemic of loneliness. We scroll by each other without really engaging with each other. Even in our most intimate relationships, we can easily find ourselves co-existing without connecting at the heart level.    The busyness of our world will naturally cause us to drift apart from each other without intentional effort, so a...

318 – Unlock Your Body’s Ability to Heal with Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary

As human beings, we are hardwired to heal. Think about it: if you get a cut or a scrape, your body naturally repairs itself. If you get a cold or flu, your immune system kicks in to fight off the invader and keep you healthy.    Healing is our birthright…so if we’re experiencing disease, it’s a sign that something is blocking our natural ability to heal.   Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary is a neurologist and Ayurvedic medicine expert who looks at healing through the lens of energy and harmony, bringing the mind, body and soul...

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