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The Adult Chair Podcast

267 – Healing from Betrayal Trauma with Duane Osterlind & Marnie Breecker

When we form intimate partnerships in life, it goes far beyond love. The relationship becomes our home, our social circle, our sense of safety and our way of living.   That’s why betrayal in intimate relationships, whether infidelity or lying, is so hurtful. It doesn’t just cause emotional pain, but it also shakes our entire sense of safety and reality. It’s a true multi-layered trauma that is not nearly as simple as breaking up and moving on or deciding to forgive and stay together.    The betrayed partner often faces feelings of confusion, self-doubt,...

265 – How We Heal Grief with Sharon Brubaker and Erica Honore

We as a society and individuals don’t do grief very well. For most of us, it’s something we’d rather just not “do” at all. Even knowing what to say to a grieving friend can leave us tongue tied and lost.   But as much as we wish it weren't true, if we’re human, we’re going to experience loss at some point in life. And grief takes many forms. It can come with a change in lifestyle, a relationship or job we love or with the loss of a pet, sending a child...

263 – Finding your True Self with Dr. Shefali

The world around us demands so much of us. If we’re not careful, it can erode our souls, steal our true selves and get us to believe lies about the source of our worth. We have to become conscious and aware to step into our true power and a whole, awakened life.    I have been a huge fan of Dr. Shefali for years. I got SO much out of her work on conscious parenting when my kids were young, and it’s no wonder she’s become so well known for her work....

262 – Transforming using The Adult Chair® with Susan Gorey

It takes courage to do our work and look at the stuff that scares us, and I believe we all need encouragement and inspiration along the way. And the story I have for you today is SO inspiring!    I got to know Susan Gorey as part of The Adult Chair® Coaching Certification Program. From the beginning, I could feel Susan’s strength and her fearlessness around speaking up for what she felt was right. But I also witnessed her unconsciously causing others to feel uncomfortable and unsafe around her. Susan called it...

261 – How to Receive a Boundary from Your Adult Chair

We talk a lot about how to set boundaries in The Adult Chair®, but sometimes we forget that we are human and sometimes we cross others’ boundaries. The other side of mastering boundaries is learning how to humbly and gracefully receive a boundary when the tables are turned and we’re the ones being asked to shift our behavior or approach.   It’s very easy to perceive boundaries as criticism and go on the defensive, but receiving a boundary is an opportunity to understand someone better and deepen our relationships. When we show...

260 – Childhood Emotional Neglect with Dr. Jonice Webb

Do you find yourself feeling unfulfilled and empty, despite seemingly having everything you need to be happy? Do you crave closer relationships but feel like you can’t connect at the deep level you want?   These feelings can often be subtle signs of childhood emotional neglect, which is when our parents or caregivers didn’t tend to or validate our emotions as children. This sets us up for an adult life where we don’t know how to feel our own emotions — which is essential to experiencing joy, passion and connection!    In this show,...

259 – Your Healthy Adult in the Enneagram with Ramona Reid

I know you guys love all things Enneagram (and I do too!), so I’m thrilled to bring back our resident Enneagram expert and dear friend of mine, Ramona Reid. Ramona, who is also an Adult Chair® Certified Coach, has always done a beautiful job weaving together The Adult Chair® with the Enneagram, helping us understand how our inner child and childhood wounding shapes our personality type and how our Adolescent fear manifests depending on our Enneagram type.   But the point of the Enneagram is not to put you in a box...

Dr Rhonda Freeman

258 – Healing the Brain after Narcissistic Abuse with Dr. Rhonda Freeman

We’ve talked a lot about narcissistic abuse and the emotional effects of it on this podcast, but we haven’t dug into how this experience affects the brain and how neuroscience and healing from narcissistic abuse go hand in hand…until today! In this episode, we’re diving deep into this very important topic with Dr. Rhonda Freeman, who is an expert on the brain, neuroplasticity and trauma and who brings a message of hope to anyone wondering how to heal.   Dr. Freeman is a neuropsychologist who works with patients with neurological conditions and...

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