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The Adult Chair Podcast

5: Addressing our Triggers

  Happy holidays to all! And with the holiday season upon us, let’s make a collective promise to keep cool heads as we’re tossed in all sorts of crazy directions!   To do that, we have to understand our triggers. Triggers are the emotionally charged reactions that we have when our comfortable state of “normal” is somehow tested. Someone cut you off recklessly on the highway? Did you feel that surge of anger? That’s a trigger. Did you find out all your friends were invited to a holiday party and you weren’t? Did...

4: The Adult Chair

  Over the past two weeks, our conversation has centered on the child and adolescent chairs, moving from the creativity and trust of the child to the judgment and doubt of the adolescent. Today, we take on our namesake, the adult chair.   The adult speaks in truth and fact. The adult is conscious, connected to the higher self. The adult is our keen observer, rational, and patient. This week, we offer an exploration of the adult, and share insights into how the adult supports our growth from child and adolescent every day.   MORE...

3: The Adolescent Chair

  The adolescent represents the formative emotional years erupting from the child. The adolescent is developing the ego, conceptualizing right and left brain activity, and is tested through new experiences of fear. But there are some terrific strengths of the adolescent, and coming to terms with this part of us can bring greater balance and overall emotional health.   This week on The Adult Chair, we talk about the critical developmental milestones of the adolescent and provide a foundation for understanding when we’re getting stuck in our adolescent chair as adults.   MORE ADULT CHAIR:   The...

2: The Child Chair

    As humans, we’ve worked for years to understand our inner child and the role the child plays in our adult psyche. It can be an enormous and elusive challenge, facing our child as we struggle with what challenges us as adults. Why is understanding the role of the child important to our overall emotional balance and health? This week on The Adult Chair, Michelle introduces us to the child chair and brings into focus the path we can take to discover our relationship with our own inner child as we...

1: Introducing The Adult Chair – Meeting Michelle

  Welcome to The Adult Chair.   Michelle Chalfant has been a seeker her whole life. Through her own journey of discovery and her decades of work as a therapist, she has developed an approach to understanding the struggles we all experience as we move through the world each day. In The Adult Chair, we’ll be using Michelle’s framework as a foundation for better understanding of our relationship with ourselves. Along the way, we’ll host an ongoing conversation around stress, anxiety, physical health, and how our understanding of ourselves impacts the most important...

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