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The Adult Chair Podcast

229 – End Self-Sabotage

Do you ever catch yourself setting a goal…and then doing the exact opposite?   Maybe it’s deciding to get in shape…and then reaching for the chocolate cake.   Maybe it’s getting into a healthy relationship…and then cheating on your partner.   We can be our own worst enemy sometimes, sabotaging ourselves and our goals. But like anything else, self-sabotage is just a part of us… and it’s actually an easy one to transform!    In this episode, I’m breaking down how to get into your Adult Chair and find your self-sabotaging parts. I share a client example from...

228 – Breakthrough Treatments for Anxiety, Depression and Stress with Dr. David Rabin

Buckle your seat belts, because our guest today is today is about to take you on a trip deep into the human mind — and help you understand how to naturally treat everything from depression to ADHD.   I first heard about Dr. David Rabin when my husband gave me an Apollo Neuro, a wearable sensory device that Dr. Rabin invented to naturally calm the nervous system. After digging more into his work, I knew I had to invite Dr. Rabin on the show — and wow, he might be the most...

227 – The Benefits of a Meditation Practice with Sharon Salzberg

In 1974 when Sharon Salzberg discovered meditation, there were no meditation apps, mainstream teachers, corporate retreats or scientific studies backing the practice like we have today. Largely considered a Buddhist practice, meditation was relegated to Eastern thought and spiritual gurus. But for Sharon, who grew up in the hustle and bustle of New York City and went through a number of traumatic experiences as a child, it was a lifesaver — a tool that showed her she could take ownership of her life and transform her own suffering.   After studying in...

226 – Healing and Repairing Relationships

We’re all human and we all make mistakes. Unfortunately, sometimes those mistakes hurt people we love and can even create distance or damage in our most important relationships.    When a relationship is suffering, there’s nothing we want more than to heal and restore it, but many of us don’t know where to begin. We might have our own feelings of guilt and shame to overcome or believe the other person never wants to see or talk to us again.   But as long as we are alive, there is hope of change! Relationships...

225 – Raising Kids from The Adult Chair

“Help! I think I’ve ruined my kids’ lives!”   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this from clients, listeners and even my own inner critic. No one gets a trial run at parenting, which leads to a lot of self-doubt among parents. We’re all learning as we go, and it’s easy to wonder if we’re doing it right or if we should just go ahead and start a therapy fund for our kids to work through the issues we created.   Well, this episode is here to help you put your...

224 – The Law of Attraction with Christy Whitman

Before studying the Law of Attraction, Christy “had it all” but still felt really unhappy and unfulfilled. As she began seeking, she discovered meditation and eventually the Law of Attraction, both of which led her to recognize how her inner dialog was creating unhappiness in her life. As she worked to shift her own life, she began to realize the power of her thoughts in creating her reality and that she felt called to share this gift with others. Since then, Christy has become a life coach, teacher and Law...

222 – Summer Series: Ending Procrastination, Perfectionism and People Pleasing

Are you ready to shift out of procrastination, perfectionism and people pleasing? I can’t imagine anyone that doesn’t have their hand up!    In today’s show, we are diving into The Adult Chair model and looking deeper at our “parts.” Though this episode focuses on some of these common parts that I hear many of my clients talk about, it really is a crash course in what parts work is and how to start working with your parts on your own, even without therapy!    Things like procrastination, people pleasing and perfectionism are inner...

221 – Summer Series: Setting Healthy Boundaries

Why do people cringe at the suggestion of setting a boundary? So many people respond with, “I don’t like confrontation” when I suggest a boundary.   Setting boundaries is tough to do if we were not modeled healthy boundaries growing up. Even if we came from a pretty healthy family, few people grew up with healthy boundary modeling.   In today’s show, I talk about what boundaries are, how to set them, examples of healthy versus unhealthy boundaries and the four keys to setting healthy boundaries.   Listen to discover:   The difference between a boundary and...

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