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The Adult Chair Podcast

351 – Perfectionism and People Pleasing Broken Down with Amy Green Smith

Do you envy people who can speak up for themselves easily – without stress or guilt? Or do you wish you could go through life with more freedom – not always worried about what others think or if you’re getting it right, being able to make mistakes and move on?   If you struggle with perfectionism and people pleasing, this type of life might feel like just a dream.   But the truth is that perfectionism and people pleasing are just parts of you – parts that have a good reason for being there....

350 – “I Feel Like a Fraud!” Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

You landed the dream gig, got the promotion, submitted your book for publishing, had an amazing first date.   So, why do you feel so insecure, unsure and even unworthy?   Hello, imposter syndrome!   Imposter syndrome, or feeling like a fraud, is something that everyone struggles with from time to time — yep, even those super successful people you look up to.   It’s that feeling that you don’t really deserve the recognition or opportunities you’ve earned or you worry you’re not really good enough for them. It often sounds like, “If they only knew…”   Imposter syndrome can...

349 – Breaking Down Astrology with Rachel Lang

At the start of a new year, we all wonder what the year will hold for us. Even with the resolutions and intentions we set, there’s also that element of uncertainty around the things we can’t control. What will come our way? What will shift for us?   This goes beyond just us as individuals. Our planet also goes through shifts and transitions with the rhythms of nature and the universe – and on this show, I’m talking with astrologer Rachel Lang to learn more about what might be coming for all...

348 – Transform Through Journaling

Journaling is truly a self-discovery tool. It helps us to find who we really are – what we want, what we value and what we feel – underneath the false self.    In fact, “journal” and “journey” come from the same root word. To journal is like taking a journey into the self!   Journaling is one of my go-to practices for transformation. It’s so powerful for learning more about yourself, processing your emotions, getting things off your chest, finding clarity and getting unstuck in life. And it’s totally free to do! What’s not...

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