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The Adult Chair Podcast

399 – Holiday Replay: The Magic of Surrender with Kute Blackson

Kute Blackson is no stranger to miracles. Growing up the son of a spiritual leader in Ghana, Africa, Kute witnessed healings and transformation that were nothing short of awe-inspiring.   But when he realized it wasn’t his calling to take over his father’s ministry in the way his family expected, it led him on a challenging and transformational journey of his own: one in which he discovered the magic of surrender and how it can heal our lives.   In this episode, Kute delivers so much wisdom about what surrender really is (it’s not...

398 – Holiday Replay: How to Become Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Whether it’s eating healthier, getting exercise, starting a meditation practice or staying socially connected, figuring out what to do to be happy might be simple – but actually doing these things and living in a way that lets us experience happiness is much harder.   When we know there are things we can do that will make us healthier and happier, why do we struggle to actually do them? Why do we get caught in a cycle of chasing happiness instead of choosing joy, even when we know better?   This is what Gretchen Rubin...

397 – How Brain Health Affects Mental Health with Dr. Bisleen Attli

For too many years, mental health came with a stigma.    It was treated as something “wrong” in the mind, with the psychological and physical looked at entirely separately.    It’s almost as if we forgot that the brain is part of the body – a physical organ that needs care just like our heart, our gut or any other part of our body.    And when we support our brain health, it can have BIG impacts on our mental and emotional health.   Dr. Bisleen Attli is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-certified naturopath, which is a fancy way...

396 – Healing Generational Limiting Beliefs with LaShonda Walker

As you think about your life, do you ever wish your story was different?   You wish you more of this, less of that, that an event had never happened, that you had done the thing you will always regret not doing.    But what if the story you tell yourself about your life is just as important as the story of what happened to you?    And what if you could change your entire life by consciously changing how you think about your past?   LaShonda Walker is a Certified Adult Chair® Coach who has created an...

395 – Managing Triggers at the Holidays

‘Tis the season…for triggers!   At the holidays, stress, drinking, spending money and spending time with others all increase. And with that, comes a decrease in patience, sleep, time for self and all the things that make us more resilient to stress.   Add in the fact that we tend to be around people we aren’t normally around for longer periods of time, and it’s a landmine for triggers.    But as you know, I love triggers because they are such a powerful opportunity to look at and work on our limiting beliefs.    So, I invite you...

394 – Holiday Special: Loneliness at the Holidays with Dr. Dain Heer

The holidays are a time where it feels like everything is a bit magnified: there is so much joy and brightness in the world but also space for sadness, loneliness and grief to be amplified.   It’s a touchy time of year where whatever we’re feeling gets underscored by parties, gatherings and traditions.   But the holidays don’t create these feelings. In fact, according to my guest on the podcast today, WE don’t even create most of these feelings. Rather, we pick them up from our parents and the world around us, and the...

393 – Self-Care To Regulate Your Nervous System with Theresa Steighner

What image comes to mind when you think about self-care?   A massage or bubble bath?   A fancy dinner?    Being all zenned out in lotus pose?   Though these things can be wonderful, I also think they can give self-care a bad name by portraying it as something fun, frivolous and even a little selfish.    In reality, true self-care – or what I like to call “therapeutic self-care” – is absolutely essential to our well-being and our ability to show up for those around us.   Therapeutic self-care is about meeting your core needs as a human – mental,...

392 – How To Get Unstuck and Change Your Life

Have you ever felt stuck in life, like you dislike where you are but think you have no other options?   This is one of my least favorite places to be (and I’ve been there many times). Being unhappy feels bad enough…but what truly feels terrible is thinking there’s no way out.   And when we believe there’s no way out, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.    That’s because it’s not our circumstances that keep us stuck, but our thoughts and beliefs. Stuck thoughts lead to stuck energy, which paralyzes us.    To get unstuck, we have to...

391 – 5 Ways To Live From Your True Self

We all have a “true self” – the essence of who we were before the world told us who to be.    We’re born with this essence, but over time, we start reacting to the world around us and create a false self out of our wounds, our experiences and our attempts to get our needs met.    The false self isn’t bad, but it isn’t who we really are – and a lot of the challenges we experience in life, like anxiety and depression, come from living out of alignment with our true...

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