Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 397 – How Brain Health Affects Mental Health with Dr. Bisleen Attli
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397 – How Brain Health Affects Mental Health with Dr. Bisleen Attli

For too many years, mental health came with a stigma. 


It was treated as something “wrong” in the mind, with the psychological and physical looked at entirely separately. 


It’s almost as if we forgot that the brain is part of the body – a physical organ that needs care just like our heart, our gut or any other part of our body. 


And when we support our brain health, it can have BIG impacts on our mental and emotional health.


Dr. Bisleen Attli is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-certified naturopath, which is a fancy way of saying she bridges the world of psychology and physiology to promote mental health and brain health.


She is a wealth of knowledge on how our physical health and our brains are connected, and she digs down to find the root causes of common mental health challenges like depression and anxiety.


In this episode, Dr. Attli breaks down the science behind how food, sleep and even limiting beliefs affect our brain health, why mental health symptoms are often our bodies warning us about a physical imbalance and what you can do to feel better fast.


Listen to discover:


  • The #1 negative mindset that can affect brain health
  • The common physiological roots of disease
  • How blood sugar is related to brain health and the symptoms of blood sugar dysregulation 
  • Why the gut is considered “the second brain” 
  • How the liver, your hormones, inflammation and even your mitochondria can affect your mental health


There are certainly times where we need more support, and medication might be the right treatment for depression, anxiety or other mental health symptoms.


But when you see your brain as more than just your mind, but also part of your body – something that you listen to, care for and support – you will be able to make informed choices to support both your physical and mental health. 


Because you are more than a diagnosis. You are a whole, connected being – mind, body and spirit – and you have more power over how you feel than you might have ever realized.


“A lot of people don’t realize how they feel in their bodies has a direct impact on how they feel and think.” – Dr. Bisleen Attli


“Your body and your mental health can truly be changed with effort.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Something that I’m really big on emphasizing is addressing the root cause of brain health challenges…My big thing is, ‘What the heck is happening in your body that is causing you to feel this way?'” – Dr. Bisleen Attli


“When it comes to the mindset piece of things, the number one thing I work on helping women uncover are their limiting beliefs.” – Dr. Bisleen Attli


“I cannot tell you how many people have gone to therapists and then come to one of my coaches, and they’re like, ‘I got more out of this one session than in my therapy for 10 years'” – Michelle Chalfant


“Whether someone comes to me for anxiety, depression, whatever it is, not only is there stuff happening in the mind, but we also have to understand that there are dysfunctions happening in the body that are causing you to feel how you feel. It’s not all in your head.” – Dr. Bisleen Attli


“If your blood sugar is all over the place, guess what’s following? Your emotions.” – Dr. Bisleen Attli


“Eating in a certain way affects your mood. You will find that you are less anxious, you’re less moody, less depressed, less sad when you monitor blood sugar.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Your gut impacts everything.” – Dr. Bisleen Attli


“Good health isn’t magical. It’s just doing the simple things consistently on a daily basis and making sure you are prioritizing them.” – Dr. Bisleen Attli


“It’s not selfish to put yourself first. It’s actually self-loving…You’re going to be a better person if you’re healthier – mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually – first. You can help so many more people. You can connect with more people.” – Michelle Chalfant





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