Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 396 – Healing Generational Limiting Beliefs with LaShonda Walker
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396 – Healing Generational Limiting Beliefs with LaShonda Walker

As you think about your life, do you ever wish your story was different?


You wish you more of this, less of that, that an event had never happened, that you had done the thing you will always regret not doing. 


But what if the story you tell yourself about your life is just as important as the story of what happened to you? 


And what if you could change your entire life by consciously changing how you think about your past?


LaShonda Walker is a Certified Adult Chair® Coach who has created an incredible healing process called “A New Life Story,” inspired by her training in The Adult Chair® model. 


Based on the idea that the challenges we face in our present reality are always connected to something from our past, LaShonda helps people identify the limiting beliefs they carry with them, edit the stories they tell themselves using fact and truth and, as a result, rewrite their entire future…and the futures of the people around them.  


Using this process, LaShonda has seen clients get unstuck and make HUGE life changes in just 20 minutes, and I can’t get over how powerful it is. In fact, I asked LaShonda to coach me using her process on air, and she dropped an insight about my life so mind-blowing that it left me speechless!  


In this episode, LaShonda breaks down her process step-by-step so you can try this powerful work and begin writing a new story for yourself and your family today.


Listen to discover:


  • TAC Coach LaShonda Walker’s “A New Life Story” process
  • Why your past determines your present
  • How to replace old stories and limiting beliefs with fact and truth
  • How to edit and rewrite your life story based on who you are today
  • 5 “W” questions to ask yourself when rewriting your story
  • Why doing your work transforms generations 


A huge takeaway from what LaShonda shared is that we aren’t just products of our pasts; we’re products of our entire family’s pasts. Sometimes the limiting beliefs and challenges we struggle with aren’t even ours…but they are ours to heal.


When we step up and do this work, we can change the legacy of our family for generations to come. 


You are the author of your own story, no matter what has happened in your life. What new story do you want to write for yourself today?


“I’m finding with my clients that when things are coming up in their present, it is connected to the past. And as we begin to look at that, we discover limiting beliefs that are there.” – LaShonda Walker


“We don’t realize how much we bring from our past.” – LaShonda Walker


“As you’re doing that work of healing the present – your emotions, your triggers, working with those Adolescent stories – as you heal, that healing then begins to transform your legacy.” – LaShonda Walker


“It’s all limiting beliefs from childhood. They’re just sitting in there, inside of us. That’s why we get so triggered.” – Michelle Chalfant


“The work is worth it.” – LaShonda Walker


“You are absolutely asking the right questions and cracking them open for fast transformation and relief from their pain, their emotional disturbance, their limiting beliefs, all of these things.” – Michelle Chalfant 


“When you are in your power, I truly believe you are in overflow. And when you are in overflow, you are able to then feed and provide and share and help build up others.” – LaShonda Walker


“We don’t just heal as individuals. We heal in community.” – LaShonda Walker




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