Live in the present moment, act from compassion, and build intimacy with your partner. 

The healthiest of relationships happen when each partner knows who they are and have self awareness about their own triggers and issues, as well as their needs and wants. This signifies someone who is sitting in their Adult Chair.

When we are in our Adult Chair, we express from the healthiest part of ourselves. From here, we live with fact and truth and stay away from assumptions and made up stories or guessing about why my mate did “such and such” to me. We speak up for ourselves and set boundaries. Most of us were not shown how to do this growing up so we were left to figure it out on our own. This leads to feeling triggered by our partner, wanting them to change (so we feel better), arguing, misinterpretation, affairs, or ultimately divorce.

It has been really helpful for us to stay connected when we are conscious which chair we are in. Before the chairs, I would immediately shut down and try to defend myself or feel so much guilt and shame when I was sharing my feelings that I lost site of the purpose. It has created a safe place for us to stay focus and most importantly connected. It has been amazing.

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In couple’s sessions, the first goal is to get healthy individually. Couples are taught the Adult Chair Model of Transformation to apply with themselves first and then to integrate this within the relationship. When we learn how to operate in relationships from our Adult Chair, we are in the present moment, respond versus react, act from a place of compassion for self and our partner, are open to learn more and are vulnerable which builds true intimacy. We know how to take care of ourselves and don’t expect someone else to do it for us. We come together, not needing anyone to “complete us,” fix us or expect to make us happy, but because we genuinely enjoy, trust and love our mate.

Couples sessions are experiential and are built upon the Adult Chair Model of Transformation. The goal is to learn to be mindful, conscious and authentic in our relationship. There will be homework and scripts given to continue the learning while not in session, which will engrain living from your most authentic place, your Adult Chair, in relationship.

We cannot heal our self if we do not know ourselves.

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