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Certified Adult Chair® Coach





Raleigh, NC

Russell Gorga

Certified Adult Chair® Coach + Ph.D. | Raleigh, NC

Welcome to Russell Gorga Coaching, where personal transformation begins! I'm delighted you've taken the first step towards breaking the chains of self-doubt, quieting the persistent inner critic, and eliminating the worry of disappointing those who matter to you. You're in the right place to kickstart this journey of self-discovery. I'm Russell, your guide and mentor on this quest towards becoming a self-assured individual, rooted in self-awareness and unshakeable confidence. My past was marred by a tumultuous home environment filled with emotional, verbal, and physical abuse. I was trapped in a cycle of low self-esteem, constantly beset by an inner critic, and crippled by the fear of upsetting and disappointing others. Thanks to The Adult Chair® model, I broke free from these self-imposed shackles. I conquered the paralyzing feeling of inadequacy and the fear of disappointing others, remnants of my past. I discovered how to mute my inner critic, trust in my own decisions, set healthy boundaries, and cultivate a sense of self-appreciation. Beyond my transformative journey with The Adult Chair®, my 20 years as an engineering professor has equipped me with the skills to mentor individuals from all walks of life. I've guided faculties, students, and staff towards their professional and personal goals, transformed disparate groups into cohesive, high-performing teams, and helped countless individuals master the art of public speaking, regardless of the audience size. I invite you to let me accompany you on your unique path of self-discovery. Together, we will unearth your authentic self, allowing you to relish life in all its glory! Take the leap. Join me in the journey!  

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