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Certified Adult Chair® Coach

MA in Spiritual Psychology




Rockville, MD

Shaunna Bach

Certified Adult Chair® Coach | Rockville, MD

As a transformational life coach, I meet you where you are and help you to connect with your innermost self. This True Self or Authentic Self which is the link to your highest wisdom, always speaks truth and connects you to your deepest desires, is the door to creating the life you wish to lead.

As human beings going about our busy and demanding lives, we often overlook or struggle to connect with this essential aspect of our being. Present-day challenges, as well as past situations and issues that may not have been fully dealt with can lead to burnout, chronic stress and just plain “stuckness.” We can come to feel consumed and overwhelmed and lose sight of our dreams or feel out of touch with our purpose.

As your coach, I help you identify and work through what might be keeping you stuck or presenting stumbling blocks. Here you have the opportunity to touch down – and slow down – in a safe space where you can share what is on your mind and in your heart. From this heart space, I help you connect with those parts of yourself that need your loving attention. Using the tools and practices I’ve learned from The Adult Chair® and through my Master’s degree work in Spiritual Psychology, I help you clear a path to greater freedom, fulfillment and authentic empowerment so that you can create the life you wish to lead. Come work with me!