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Why do people cringe at the suggestion of setting a boundary? So many people respond with, “I don’t like confrontation” when I suggest a boundary.
Setting boundaries is tough to do if we were not modeled healthy boundaries growing up. Even if we came from a pretty healthy family, few people grew up with healthy boundary modeling.
In today’s show, I talk about what boundaries are, how to set them, examples of healthy versus unhealthy boundaries and the four key steps and “how to’s” to set healthy boundaries.
I also discuss what to do when boundaries “backfire” and we are met with being upset or anger from another at our simple request.
I end with a few takeaways of what boundaries are and are not and what to do if you are in a toxic or even abusive relationship.
Boundaries are a necessary part of our lives and a key to healthy relationships. This show is filled with great tools and tips to help you to start better taking care of yourself and learning how to set a simple request and teaching other people how to treat you.

My friend shared your podcast with me last week. Thank you for breaking down our complex thoughts/emotions in a way that is much easier to grasp! I absolutely love the chair analogy. It has helped me so much!

– Christine

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We cannot heal our self if we do not know ourselves.

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