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The Adult Chair Podcast

252 – Find Your Adult and Change Your Relationships

Wow — I was blown away by the response to last week’s episode (#251) with my one and only, Graham Chalfant. It seems like so many could relate to our relationship dynamics and the learning and work we’ve done over the years...

251 – How Feeling Your Emotions Can Change Your Relationship with Graham Chalfant

Everyone wants connection — we’re hardwired for it as humans! But we can only connect as deeply with others as we’ve connected with ourselves. Strong relationships start by going within, feeling our emotions and being willing to open up and share with our partners.    On this week’s podcast, I have a very, very special guest...

250 – How to Build Empathy and Improve Relationships

One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is, “I wish my partner/parent/friend/whoever would be more empathetic!” We often look down on or get frustrated with those we don’t feel are empathetic enough, but empathy isn’t a trait you either have or you don’t...

249 – The Power of Self-Compassion with Dr. Kristin Neff

Compassion is something we have when we live in our healthiest Adult self, but how easy is it for you to turn around and offer that compassion to yourself? Most of us speak very differently to ourselves than we would to a friend, especially when we make a mistake or are going through a hard time.   But self-compassion is an essential part of healing! In fact, studies show that truly effective therapy is improved by increasing our self-compassion so we can live with more love and less anxiety and stress.    My guest...

248 – Identifying and Healing from Narcissistic and Sexual Abuse with Meredith Miller

Narcissistic abuse is, I believe, one of the most toxic experiences out there. While NO kind of abuse is ok, narcissists can be extremely subtle, sneaky and manipulative, making them difficult to spot. Anyone who has been in a relationship with one knows how confusing and damaging it can be.   My guest today, Meredith Miller, is a holistic coach who helps people heal themselves from narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships. After experiencing abuse from a narcissistic parent for nearly 38 years, she has a deep understanding of a narcissist’s traits, how...

247 – Decision Making Made Easy

Decisions, decisions. We are all faced with dozens of choices every day — some that we make without a second thought and others that can leave us wrestling with all our options or get us completely stuck.   When we are in the Adolescent Chair (the seat of the ego), decisions can feel intimidating or impossible, not only because we’re worried about making the “right” choice, but also because it comes with the other traps of the ego: ruminating thoughts, negative self-talk and stuck parts. Getting into the Adult Chair and bringing...

245 – Finding Balance Through Chinese Medicine with Brodie Welch

To start 2021, we are talking all about simple, hands-on tools and practices that you can incorporate into your life to help you get into your Adult Chair — now and all year long. Today, we’re talking about one of my favorites: Chinese medicine.   Chinese medicine is a beautiful, holistic view of healthcare that helps us find balance on the emotional, physical and spiritual level. It incorporates acupuncture, herbology, bodywork, movement and diet along with meditation and other grounding practices to bring health to your entire self.    At the root of all...

244 – Music as a Healing Art with Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Every day, our minds are taking in thousands of sights and sounds that can either bring us stress or calm….sometimes without us even knowing it! But what if we could intentionally use tools like sound and music to bring relaxation, presence and calm into our lives?   In this episode, I’m chatting with the fascinating Cheryl B. Engelhardt, a New York-based composer who creates beautiful music designed to boost our brain state and promote healing in our lives. After battling panic attacks and transforming her own anxiety using tools like meditation and...

243 – Holiday Series: Healing and Repairing Relationships

We’re all human and we all make mistakes. Unfortunately, sometimes those mistakes hurt people we love and can even create distance or damage in our most important relationships.    When a relationship is suffering, there’s nothing we want more than to heal and restore it, but many of us don’t know where to begin. We might have our own feelings of guilt and shame to overcome or believe the other person never wants to see or talk to us again.   But as long as we are alive, there is hope of change! Relationships...

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