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The Adult Chair Podcast

302 – Gaslighting 101

You love them, and you think they love you…so why does it feel like you’re going crazy so often in your relationship?    You leave conversations feeling confused, questioning your reality and maybe even questioning your own sanity.   You might be in a relationship with a gaslighter.   Gaslighting is a term that is thrown around frequently, but it is far more than someone questioning us or challenging us. Gaslighting is intentional, manipulative and designed to whittle away someone’s self-confidence. In short, it’s abuse.   Though gaslighting often happens in romantic relationships with narcissists, it can also...

300 – How to Be a Boundary Boss with Terri Cole

Are you convinced you’re just bad at boundaries? Do you worry this is a trait that you were born without and you’re just destined to feel taken advantage of and resentful for the rest of your life?   The truth is that no one is born good at boundaries! They’re not something you have or don’t have; they’re a skill you develop. That’s right – you CAN become a boundary boss!   My guest today, Terri Cole, is a boundary boss herself and a licensed psychotherapist who helps people from all walks of life...

299 – Healing from Heartbreak and Finding Self-Love with Gabrielle Stone

A month-long trip to Europe might sound like a dream, but for Gabrielle Stone, it was one more curveball during one of the hardest years of her life.   After catching her husband cheating on her, getting divorced, falling head over heels for a new man and planning a dream trip to Europe with him, days before they were scheduled to leave, he told her he would be going on his own.   With a plane ticket in her name and a choice to stay home or leap from the world of “serial monogamy”...

298 – How to Work with and Tame the Inner Critic with Jenny Jansen

All of us have an inner critic – the part that reminds us of our limits, our failures and tries to “keep us in line.” It’s that voice inside your head that can be critical, judgmental and even mean. Though it’s just one part of who we are, the inner critic is one of those parts that can be especially painful and stressful to deal with.   Not only does the inner critic impact our sense of self-worth, but it also keeps us stuck and small in life (although it thinks it’s keeping...

297 – Overcoming Fear with Scout Sobel

When we think about the lives we want to live – the things we want to do and experience and the big dreams we have – the ego will give us a thousand reasons “why not.”   Some of these reasons might be real traumas or health issues we have to overcome; others are figments of the ego’s imagination…fear and discomfort that scream at us to stay in the safe place.   But one thing is certain: anyone who has created more for themselves has overcome struggles and fears to build the life of...

296 – How Self-Validation Will Change Your Life

In my 25 years of practicing as a therapist and holistic life coach, I found that there was one common root cause behind many of the issues my clients were facing: low self-worth. From codependency to difficulty with decisions or boundaries, not having a strong connection with the inner self was often the driving force behind these challenges.   Most of us have a tendency to look outside of ourselves for worth and validation, and building up a strong sense of who we are on the inside takes practice. One of the...

295 – Holiday Special: How to Change Negative Programs and Patterns with Adele Spraggon

When you think about wanting to change or transform, what do you typically think of changing? Most of us think of a behavior or action – something we are doing. If we’ve been doing our work for a while, we might think of a thought pattern or belief.    But what if everything we do and think is just the tip of the iceberg? What if our actions, behaviors and beliefs are actually the manifestation of deep unconscious patterns in our brains, and if true transformation happens by transforming these patterns?   In this episode,...

294 – Holiday Special: Childhood Emotional Neglect with Dr. Jonice Webb

Do you find yourself feeling unfulfilled and empty, despite seemingly having everything you need to be happy? Do you crave closer relationships but feel like you can’t connect at the deep level you want?   These feelings can often be subtle signs of childhood emotional neglect, which is when our parents or caregivers didn’t tend to or validate our emotions as children. This sets us up for an adult life where we don’t know how to feel our own emotions — which is essential to experiencing joy, passion and connection!    In this show,...

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