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The Adult Chair Podcast

194 – Purge, Connect & Reach: 3 Simple Steps to Change Your Mood

There is nothing worse than when we find ourselves caught in a bad mood. Whether we wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something triggers us and sends us into a funk, we all experience moments or even days where we feel a bit "down."   Often, it can be difficult to identify where our mood has come from or why we feel this way. We might just know we feel bad, sad, lonely, anxious, depressed, or emotionally "off." It can be hard to get back on track when...

193 – Boundaries in Relationships with Nedra Glover Tawwab

We can never talk enough about boundaries! They are so important for loving ourselves, living empowered and creating healthy relationships, but most of us never saw healthy boundaries modeled and struggle with setting them. That's why I'm SO excited to have the amazing boundary and relationship expert, Nedra Glover Tawwab, on this week's show!   In this episode, we have a great conversation about boundaries in all kinds of relationships, whether it be your mother, father, sibling, your teen, your spouse (or ex-spouse), boss or friend. Nedra and I discuss what we need...

192 – Sex Addiction with Abbe Barclay

I have heard from so many of you that wanted more information on Sex Addiction so I decided to have my friend and sex addiction specialist Abbe Barclay on. Abbe is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist.   Abbe is a wealth of information and didn't hold back on today's show. We discussed how sex addiction develops, porn addiction, masturbation if recovery is possible for sex addicts and if so, what the recovery is as well as how you can best support a sex addict and so...

191 – Finding True Freedom With Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements

Happy New Year! I thought long and hard about this kick-off show and know-how so many of us strive for a big change in the New Year but in my experience, small changes lead to big impact.   In December I fell upon a book (it actually felt like it jumped off the shelf to me), :) that I have read several times. It's a classic book that you might have read as it came out in 1997. The book is; The Four Agreements: A practical guide to personal freedom by Don...

189 – Breaking Free from Victim

In a word, victim energy is just plain yucky. We fall into victim when we least expect it and "think" it feels good. We feel like we deserve to feel this way, we have been wronged for goodness sake...

188 – The Wisdom of the Body in Healing with Patti Elledge

Today on the show we have Patti Elledge back again to talk about how we can heal our early developmental wounds, attachment wounds, trauma, abuse, and more by working with the wisdom of the body. This is not a show about "body work," but instead a show about how we learn to feel our emotions, our felt sense, and use our body as a navigation system for healing old wounding.   If we don't pay attention to our bodies, our old wounding lays stuck or dormant in the body. With increased awareness...

187 – Codependency at the Holidays

Ah the holidays, what a wonderful time of year. The rushing around the shopping the preparing of food the obligations to attend all the parties. It's a codependents nightmare!   By the time the first week of January hits we are wiped out and in bed with fatigue from all the caretaking and controlling we did during the holidays. It can be exhausting for us codependents!   In today's show, I give you tools and tips for staying "in your own lane" during the holidays and all year long. It's a mini codependents reference guide in...

186 – Staying Present During The Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving all! Today is the day that marks the official "mad dashing" around to get to the parties on time, buying the perfect gifts, lots of rushing here and there with lots of traffic and the common denominator...

185 – Overcoming Childhood Sexual Abuse with Dr. Gregory Williams

Childhood sexual abuse creeps into the lives of innocent children on a daily basis. As children, we are defenseless to our abusers. Dr. Gregory Williams was one of those children.   On today's show, we have Dr. Gregory Williams sharing his story of childhood sexual abuse, how to heal from abuse, what the signs of childhood sexual abuse are and lastly forgiveness.   We also spoke about the importance of getting ourselves healthy after abuse and how physical illness can stem from unhealed emotional wounds, trauma and abuse.   This is an incredible show and it's...

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