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The Adult Chair Podcast

216 – Navigating 2020 from Your Adult

As we reach the last week of June and find ourselves halfway through 2020, I’m having a hard time finding words for this year. It has felt like a year of nonstop chaos, with so many challenges at the global and personal level. We are all feeling triggered everywhere we turn and overwhelmed by a range of emotions.   You might be wondering if it’s even possible to live from your healthy Adult Chair during times like these, and I’m here to tell you that it IS possible. These are the times...

213 – Walking Through Fear with Michelle Poler

With everything going on the world the last few months, fear has been on all of our minds recently. Though this fear is very real, it’s also related to events happening outside of ourselves...

212 – Boundaries Crash Course

Boundaries are one of those things that I think we can never talk too much about! Though this is a simple topic, boundaries are difficult for most of us — but they’re completely life-changing when we learn to practice them well.   So, it’s time to talk about boundaries again, and in this episode, I’m giving you a boundaries crash course! If you’ve been listening for a while, this will be a great refresher on the topic of boundaries…and if you’re brand new to the show, this is the perfect place to...

211 – Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons with Dr. Judith Orloff

“Empath” is one of those words that has become a buzzword over the last few years, and it has us empaths who have felt different our whole lives yelling, “Finally!”   At last, the world is beginning to understand that certain people are wired in a way that makes them highly in tune with their environment and the emotions around them. Where empaths might have been called too sensitive in the past, we’re now acknowledging the unique gifts that empaths bring to the table — from having huge amounts of empathy to...

210 – Improving and Deepening the Connection with Your Partner

Most of us long for deeply connected relationships — it’s a core part of our wiring as humans! But even when we’re in a relationship, many of us don’t know how to create the connection we crave. We might spend time with those we love, talk frequently and even get along with each other easily, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we know how to really let ourselves be known and how to really see and hear each other.   In today’s episode, I want to give you some practices and tips you...

209 – Domestic Abuse: A Child’s Experience

As we discuss the rise of domestic abuse during the COVID-19 crisis and the pervasiveness of this issue around the world, I wanted to shed some light on another group of survivors: the children of domestic abuse.   Whether a child is directly abused or witnesses the abuse of their father or mother, abuse during childhood can have lasting traumatic effects and shape our view of relationships and the self in unhealthy ways.   On today’s episode, we have another brave and beautiful woman, MaryBeth, who has agreed to share her story of growing...

208 – Triumph Over Abuse: An Interview With Survivors

Studies show that since the start of the COVID-19 quarantine, domestic abuse is up by 30 to 40 percent worldwide. Abusers are using the global crisis to increase their sense of power and control, and women are trapped at home with abusive partners, making them more vulnerable to frequent abuse. This is something that enrages me and that I’m so passionate about shedding light on.     Domestic abuse isn’t just a quarantine issue. Far too many women (and men) suffer abuse from their partners daily, and I felt compelled to do something...

207 – The Narcissism and Codependency Connection with Ross Rosenberg

Today, we’re talking about two of our listeners’ favorite topics — narcissism and codependency. I’ve discussed these topics individually on the show before, but in reality, they are deeply connected with each other. And I’m honored to welcome back to the show Ross Rosenberg, a psychotherapist and leading expert on codependency, narcissism, trauma and addiction, on the show to help us understand the connection between these two traits and how to break the cycle.   Ross explains the “dance” of codependency and narcissism, exploring how codependency often forms from narcissistic abuse in...

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