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The Adult Chair Podcast

386 – How To Clear Generational Trauma with Emily Blefeld

For millennia, cultures around the globe have known that there’s more to us than meets the eye and that our family trees really are a map to ourselves — an energetic portrait of our lives.   Today, epigenetics has proven that what our ancestors experienced can imprint on our genes and impact our lives today in unexpected ways.    That depression, anxiety, stress or limiting belief? It might be from long ago.   And the field of psychology is finally catching up with this.    A new methodology I just discovered (and got the chance to try as...

385 – Changing Your Relationships Through Your Primal Question with Mike Foster

What if everything you do in your life is actually driven by one question – a question that is unconscious to you but acts as the command center for how you show up in the world?   That question is what Mike Foster calls your “primal question,” and let me tell you, when I discovered mine, it was like my whole life made sense.    Mike developed The Seven Primal Questions system based on his research and work as a coach.   The idea is that we all have a question – like, “Am I safe?”...

384 – Grieving Gracefully with Kris Carr

Grief is a messy, complicated emotion, and very few of us know what to do with it.   We don’t want to (or know how to) feel it, and when we’re around others who are grieving, most of us freeze.   We feel uncomfortable, so we say nothing or say the wrong thing or stay away, all of which just adds to the pain.    That was me in my 20s and 30s. But when I lost my father, I could no longer avoid grief. He taught me how to grieve…and I found that grief, as...

383 – How To Make Peace With Your Past

You’re here today, doing the work, living from your Adult Chair, becoming who you want to become.    It feels really good. But as we live and grow and transform, it can sometimes bring up negative feelings about our past.   Whether we made mistakes, missed opportunities, were hurt by someone or experienced a life-altering loss, every one of us has something about our past we wish we could change.   Regret can cut deep – into our very souls – and bring a lot of pain, shame and blame with it.    But whenever we live in...

381 – Summer Series: How To Get Rid of Negative Emotions

Grief, anger, sadness, fear…YUCK! I don’t know anyone who likes to feel these emotions.    I get emails from you guys all the time asking how to get rid of “negative” emotions like these.   But are these emotions really negative? Or do they serve a purpose in our lives?   While some emotions might feel more unpleasant than others, I personally don’t believe any emotion is negative. All emotions are part of the human experience and carry information for us.   However, they can create negative experiences in life when we get stuck in them.   The problem isn’t...

380 – Summer Series: A Holistic Approach to Anxiety with Dr. Ellen Vora

Our society today is facing an epidemic of anxiety. Despite technology that promises to make our lives faster and easier, it seems that we’re more anxious than ever. In 2020, Google searches for “anxiety” reached an all-time high.   We have to look beyond the diagnosis of anxiety and seek to find the root cause of why so many people are living with such high stress and dysregulation that are creating anxiety. There is something bigger going on here.   And since we’re whole humans, we need to look at the whole picture –...

379 – Summer Series: Enmeshment, Codependency and Boundaries with Dr. Ken Adams

Do you ever feel like you’re being disloyal to your family for having your own life? Or do you feel like you’re second fiddle to your partner’s parents?   If so, you or your partner might come from an enmeshed family: a system of relating to each other that is based on dependency, guilt, obligation and too much closeness (yes, that can be a thing!).    In today’s episode, I’m bringing back one of your favorite guests, Dr. Ken Adams, to talk about the important topic of enmeshment – and let me tell you, he...

378 – Summer Series: Healing Your Abandonment Wound with Susan Anderson

Rejection is one of the greatest fears we have as humans. Even simple rejections like not making the team or being chosen for a job – things we know aren’t personal – still sting deeply. Why does rejection seem to hit at the core of who we are?   Susan Anderson began asking this question when she went through a personal experience of abandonment. The love of her life left her suddenly for another woman, and although she was a practicing psychotherapist with immense knowledge of the human mind, she still found herself in...

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