Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 400 – The Art of Manifestation: How To Manifest Your Dream Life
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400 – The Art of Manifestation: How To Manifest Your Dream Life

2023 is behind us, and 2024 is here! The new year represents a clean slate and new chapter where you can begin manifesting the year – the life – you want. 


I believe that, as creative beings, we are always in “creation mode.” Like gravity, we can’t turn the laws of manifestation on and off – they just are. 


So, then the question becomes: What do you really want? And what is it that you are creating with every thought you have and word you speak?


In this episode, I’m giving you everything you need to get more intentional with your creations this year, whether you have a dream you’re finally ready to manifest or there’s something you want to change in your current reality, beginning with the words you’re telling yourself.


We’re covering four keys for POWERFUL manifestation, how to tune your “energetic dial” into the “radio frequency” of your deepest desires and a 10-step process to help you clear the unconscious beliefs that are blocking your creations…this is the missing piece to manifestation that no one talks about but makes ALL the difference!


Listen to discover:

  • How manifestation works
  • Getting clear on what it is you truly want
  • Why things aren’t manifesting in your life
  • The missing piece of manifestation that no one talks about 
  • A 10-step process to clear blocks and barriers to manifesting
  • Four powerful keys to manifestation 


You’re going to want to get pen and paper out for this one, because I’m giving you all the details, all the nuances and all the secrets to manifestation that I’ve learned over the years – with real-life examples to help you begin applying these principles today.


Whatever it is you want in 2024 (and even if you’re still figuring that out), this episode is step 1 to finding freedom from limiting beliefs, clearing unconscious blocks and changing the trajectory of your life this year.


“We are beings that are able to create. And we create our reality with every thought we have.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Once you clear your unconscious blocks, then you can attract in your creation.” – Michelle Chalfant


“We have to have what I call a ‘consistent manifesting mindset.'” – Michelle Chalfant


“Everything is possible – everything and anything. You just have to line up with it.” – Michelle Chalfant


“The more you focus and expect and live as if this creation is coming in and already here, the faster it will come to you.” – Michelle Chalfant


“I promise you can get and create the life that you want. Your thoughts and your spoken words are powerful. So, be really mindful of what you’re saying.” – Michelle Chalfant


“We’re always in creation mode. It does not turn itself on and off, just like gravity. So, if you don’t like your reality, you do have the power to change it with your thoughts.” – Michelle Chalfant




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