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The Adult Chair Podcast

273 – Summer Series: Unlearning Codependency with Darlene Lancer

As you know, codependency is one of my “things.” Fortunately, it’s less of a thing these days, but I understand firsthand what it’s like to spend years so focused on others that we lose our sense of self. That’s part of why we talk about this so much on the podcast — so many people suffer for years not knowing about codependency, and I’m passionate about helping you get free...

269 – Summer Series: The Power of Self-Compassion with Dr. Kristin Neff

Compassion is something we have when we live in our healthiest Adult self, but how easy is it for you to turn around and offer that compassion to yourself? Most of us speak very differently to ourselves than we would to a friend, especially when we make a mistake or are going through a hard time.   But self-compassion is an essential part of healing! In fact, studies show that truly effective therapy is improved by increasing our self-compassion so we can live with more love and less anxiety and stress.  My guest...

268 – How to Use The Adult Chair® in Everyday Experiences

The work we do in The Adult Chair® isn’t just about healing past wounding, working with the inner child, parts work or uncovering unconscious programming (though you know I LOVE all of those things).    It’s also about navigating everyday life...

267 – Healing from Betrayal Trauma with Duane Osterlind & Marnie Breecker

When we form intimate partnerships in life, it goes far beyond love. The relationship becomes our home, our social circle, our sense of safety and our way of living.   That’s why betrayal in intimate relationships, whether infidelity or lying, is so hurtful. It doesn’t just cause emotional pain, but it also shakes our entire sense of safety and reality. It’s a true multi-layered trauma that is not nearly as simple as breaking up and moving on or deciding to forgive and stay together.    The betrayed partner often faces feelings of confusion, self-doubt,...

265 – How We Heal Grief with Sharon Brubaker and Erica Honore

We as a society and individuals don’t do grief very well. For most of us, it’s something we’d rather just not “do” at all. Even knowing what to say to a grieving friend can leave us tongue tied and lost.   But as much as we wish it weren't true, if we’re human, we’re going to experience loss at some point in life. And grief takes many forms. It can come with a change in lifestyle, a relationship or job we love or with the loss of a pet, sending a child...

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