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The Adult Chair Podcast

284 – Enmeshment, Codependency and Boundaries with Dr. Ken Adams

      Do you ever feel like you’re being disloyal to your family for having your own life? Or do you feel like you’re second fiddle to your partner’s parents?   If so, you or your partner might come from an enmeshed family: a system of relating to each other that is based on dependency, guilt, obligation and too much closeness (yes, that can be a thing!).    In today’s episode, I’m bringing back one of your favorite guests, Dr. Ken Adams, to talk about the important topic of enmeshment – and let me tell you, he...

283 – Deeper Connections Through Vulnerability

      As humans, we are all wired for connection and to feel like we belong. No one, even the biggest introvert on the planet, doesn’t want to feel connected with others.    But many of us find there is a gap between the connection we crave and the way we experience our relationships. We might have a loving marriage, a thousand Facebook friends and a busy social calendar but something still feels empty.   That’s because to truly connect at a deep level, we have to get real and vulnerable with each other...

282 – How to Change Negative Programs and Patterns with Adele Spraggon

        When you think about wanting to change or transform, what do you typically think of changing? Most of us think of a behavior or action – something we are doing. If we’ve been doing our work for a while, we might think of a thought pattern or belief.    But what if everything we do and think is just the tip of the iceberg? What if our actions, behaviors and beliefs are actually the manifestation of deep unconscious patterns in our brains, and if true transformation happens by transforming these patterns?   In this episode,...

281 – How to Overcome Not Feeling Good Enough or Less Than

      Comparison is one of the ego’s favorite traps. When we fall into this trap, we make up all kinds of stories about others and turn a judgmental eye towards ourselves. With this comes feelings of inferiority, feeling less than and low self-worth. It’s no fun at all!   Inferiority feels so awful that most of us just want to run from it, silence it or numb it out...

280 – How to Get Our Children in Their Adult Chair

          The Adult Chair® model is based on different stages of life and development, with our Adult Chair coming online around age 25 when the brain fully develops.   So, what does that mean for raising healthy kids? Is it possible as a parent to teach your kids the Adult Chair while they’re still literally in their Child or Adolescent phase of life?   YES!!!   No matter what age your child is, you can start modeling what it looks like to be a healthy adult. You can begin to be that touchstone of emotional health that...

279 – Narcissistic Abuse Explained with Caroline Strawson

  Sometimes, it takes losing everything you know to start over and begin the journey of healing.   Caroline Strawson is an internationally recognized trauma-informed therapist and coach who helps her clients recover from narcissistic abuse and complex PTSD and create thriving lives. Her journey began with her own story of loss when, in a very short period of time, her mother passed away, her narcissistic husband left her and their two young children and she discovered he had gotten them into $100,000 of debt, leading to the loss of her home and...

278 – An Uncivilized Man with Traver Boehm

  “Be a man.” It’s a loaded phrase that our culture uses to tell men to be tough, not show their feelings and just keep pressing on.    But is this true masculinity? Is there a better way to be a man?   My guest today, Traver Boehm, is on a mission to redefine masculinity, bringing together what he calls “primal savagery” and a connection to the heart that is spiritual, emotional and whole. He believes this is what true masculinity looks like, before culture told men who to be, and he spends his life...

276 – Raising Teens from The Adult Chair® with Dr. Pam Staples

    I think it’s universally agreed upon: raising teenagers is hard!    A natural part of growing up is becoming an individual, which comes with challenging limits, venturing away from the family structure and challenging parents in the process!    Not only do our teens challenge us by pushing back on our boundaries, but the process of letting go of our kids also challenges our egos and attachments and pushes us to do our own work. I get so many questions about parenting teenagers in a healthy way, and I’m thrilled to bring the wisdom...

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