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401 – Practical Intuition with Laura Day

Have you ever gotten a “gut feeling” that something was going to happen…and then it did? Or sensed that someone wasn’t trustworthy or that you shouldn’t move forward with a decision? 


This is your intuition at work!


Intuition is something we all possess, and something we’ve all undeniably experienced, but how it works remains largely a mystery. Is it something spiritual? Psychological? Biological? 


Laura Day grew up feeling like her brain was “different” in some way. She knew she had ADD and a number of head injuries, but she didn’t know she had an uncanny intuition until one day, she saw a television program about ESP research. She immediately related to it, picked up the phone, called the researchers and said, “I can do that.” For years, she participated in research studies about intuition and how it works.


Since then, Laura has built a high-profile career using her intuition for large companies and organizations and teaching others how to develop and tap into their innate intuition. A math, science and data nerd, Laura had no preconceived notions about intuition, which has given her a practical, grounded approach to learning and teaching about this ability.


In this episode, Laura shares her insights into what intuition actually is, how to tell the difference between intuition and fear, how to enhance your intuition and why intuition alone isn’t enough – we must direct it towards action. 


If you’ve ever been curious about how those gut feelings and seemingly “sixth senses” work, you’re going to love this episode! 


Listen to discover:

  • Whether or not we’re all born intuitive
  • How to tell the difference between intuition and fear
  • Why we all need to learn how to use our intuition 
  • How to enhance and direct your intuition 
  • The power of moving from intuition to action 


Laura believes intuition is less a sixth sense and more an extension of the five senses we already have. But like a muscle, we have to exercise it and develop it.


When we learn to connect more deeply with ourselves and pay attention to what’s going on around us using all five senses, it’s amazing what we can uncover – and how that can help us direct our lives and relationships towards greater wisdom and wellbeing.


“We are all born intuitive.” – Laura Day


“If it’s a persistent fear, it’s not intuition. Intuition is accurate, immediate and actionable.” – Laura Day


“It’s a misnomer that intuition is a sixth sense. It’s not. It’s an extension of all of your senses in time and in space.” – Laura Day


“So many people stay stuck, and they don’t realize that they are powerful creators and that they can get their way out of it.” – Michelle Chalfant 


“The first thing you do to open your intuition or direct it effectively is you have goals.” – Laura Day


“Intuition will show it to you, but it won’t fix it for you.” – Laura Day




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