Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 402 – Healing Through Grounding with Clint Ober
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402 – Healing Through Grounding with Clint Ober

What if the secret to better sleep, less inflammation and reduced pain was as simple as walking barefoot in the grass?


Both the earth and our bodies have an electrical charge, and “grounding” (or “earthing”) refers to the practice of connecting our bodies to the earth – keeping the body’s charge at an optimal balance and unlocking tremendous health benefits.


If you think this sounds like something made up by a crunchy tree hugger, think again: the father of grounding, Clint Ober, is actually a cable guy.


Clint had a strong connection with nature from growing up on a ranch out West and great knowledge about how electrical currents work from his career in the cable industry. 


One day, he saw a group of tourists all wearing thick rubber-soled shoes (a non-conductive material), and it hit him:


Could our modern lifestyle be keeping us from grounding into the earth?


This has led to a new frontier of health research, with very promising findings about the impact of grounding on inflammation, stress, autoimmune disease and more. It’s the real deal! 


I had the chance to talk to the man himself, Clint Ober, about how grounding works in the body, why our society is so ungrounded, the many, many health benefits of grounding and how anyone can start grounding – for FREE and today.


Listen to discover:

  • What earthing and grounding is
  • Why our bodies need to be connected to the earth’s electrical charge
  • How grounding works in our immune system
  • The positive effect grounding can have on pain and chronic disease 
  • How you can start grounding today

Grounding is so simple – it literally just requires going outside with bare feet (or conductive shoes).


And unlike so many health hacks or miracle cures on the market, this isn’t something to be added to your health…instead, it’s a return. 


A return to nature, our design and the natural harmony that occurs when we’re connected to our bodies and the earth. 


“The earth is basically electrical.” – Clint Ober


“We can heal these illnesses we’re walking around with by grounding.” – Michelle Chalfant 


“We’ve totally insulated ourselves from the earth when we’re wearing shoes.” – Clint Ober 


“You can’t have inflammation in a grounded object.” – Clint Ober


“As soon as you get grounded, then you have the earth’s energy all around your body, and it pushes away all of this environmental stuff.” – Clint Ober


“If you want to take 10 years off your [age], just go outdoors and stick your bare feet on the grass.” – Clint Ober


“The body is always striving to heal itself. Always. We are in the way.” – Michelle Chalfant




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