Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 403 – How To Listen to Your Soul
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403 – How To Listen to Your Soul

Lately, there’s been something stirring in my soul.


I don’t know exactly what it is yet, but I feel like it’s going to be BIG – like something new is coming, and I need to go inward and listen for what it is. 


Have you ever felt this way? When this happens, I believe it’s our soul tugging at us, trying to tell us something about our mission and purpose on the planet.


And I have made it my intention to always listen when the soul calls.


It’s something I like to call “soul alignment” — a practice of going within and listening to the soul to get clarity on who we are and our illuminated path.


In this episode, I’m teaching you how to tune into the voice of your soul (the part of you that is seated squarely in the Adult Chair), why this is so important and how to clear the blocks that stand between us and our souls.


The five simple practices I share in today’s podcast will help you hear your soul’s whispers and nudges, know and feel the next steps on your path and take aligned action — not from the Adolescent Chair but from the Adult Chair.


Listen to discover:

  • The power of “soul alignment”
  • The importance of “deep listening”
  • How the ego gets in the way of listening
  • 5 steps to listen to your soul
  • How to unlock greater passion, purpose and peace

The ego is rooted in fear, lives in the past and future and often screams at us in a loud voice. The soul lives in the present moment and speaks to us in a whisper, which is why we have to get still to hear it. 


This episode will help you get out of your mind and into your heart, go inward and listen deeply to find your true purpose and guidance from within.


“When we align with our soul, we are guided.” – Michelle Chalfant


“When you’re aligned with your soul, even the things that feel – to the ego – bad, what we find is that these things are the most beautiful gifts that we could have ever received.” – Michelle Chalfant


“What your soul has in store for you is unlike anyone else on the entire planet.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Meditation is simply a practice that brings you into the present moment.” – Michelle Chalfant


“You’re going to feel nudges or feel pulled or moved to do things. That’s your soul. Pay attention.” – Michelle Chalfant 


“Your soul’s not going to talk to you from your head. Your soul’s going to talk to you through your heart.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Ego lives in past and future only. Soul lives in present moment only.” – Michelle Chalfant 




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