Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 231 – Practical Ways to Slay Anxiety with Shann Vander Leek
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231 – Practical Ways to Slay Anxiety with Shann Vander Leek

It’s hard to find words for the times we are living in today. Interesting, scary, stressful, angry, strange…it feels like one minute we can have it together and the next be hijacked by anxiety. There is so much coming at us, so much to navigate and so much to sort through as we try to figure out what is true and what is not. It’s A LOT for any body and brain.


Though our minds are easily distracted and swayed, the good news is that we CAN live in peace and balance even in uncertain times…and we all have a choice in the matter.


In this episode, I chat with Shann Vander Leek, host of the Anxiety Slayer podcast and an expert on how to calm anxiety no matter what is going on. She explains why we’re all feeling so anxious right now and gives us hands-on steps to stop anxiety in its tracks…everything from music to getting outside to a simple gratitude practice. 


Listen to discover:


  • Practical ways to combat anxiety even in times of uncertainty
  • How to get grounded quickly
  • How to move energy in the body
  • The power of “Joy Spotting”
  • Powerful tools like high vibe music, supplements and small daily practices that lead to big changes


Whether you’re feeling anxious from the collective events of the world or walking through a tough situation in your personal life, these practices are quick, easy and free and here to help you get back to peace…from within.


“It’s really best to take things day by day and hour by hour to stay as calm as you can during these uncertain times.” – Shann Vander Leek


“The faster the mind goes, the more out our body we are and the more anxious we are.” – Michelle Chalfant


“You cannot be joyful if you’re in judgment.” – Shann Vander Leek


“Every single thing to help us with anxiety is an internal job. It’s about a choice that we have to make.” – Michelle Chalfant




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