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Are you still trying to make a change in your life,
but feel stuck and unworthy?

If there was a place you could go beyond learning and actually address your feelings and thoughts head on, without feeling judged or unsafe…would you finally feel ready to put your own healing first?

What You GetTAC Tribe - Now Closed

Here's why anything short of a hell yeah is holding you back from getting unstuck and making a change in your life

Every day, people across the world are letting go of their mental blocks and are beginning to truly live and love their lives.

Question is… are you one of those people?

Your chance of finding inner peace depends on your willingness to get vulnerable and dig deep. So if you know that you’re not digging as deep as you should be…

… then keep reading.

Because what comes next could be the big ‘aha’ moment you look back on just a few weeks from now, from your newly grounded and intentional state of being. But first…

But first... does this sound familiar?

  • You started this whole self-help thing with child-like naivety and a sense that all would finally be well.
  • You were going to face your wounds instead of running away from them
  • You invested in cognitive behavioral therapy, life coaches, books and programs, journaling, meditation…anything that promised a “better you”.
  • Primed with lofty images of a whole new life, you were ready to become a healthier adult – one with a toolkit of coping skills and a grounded state of being.
  • But things haven’t quite worked out that way.
  • Because as hard as you’ve tried there’s a big difference between learning and implementing  – and you can’t just seem to master that second one.

With all that intense energy and commitment, isn’t it time you actually started seeing results?

You’ve put a lot into becoming a better you, so you DESERVE to not only see crystal clear signs of improvement.

You deserve to know the EXACT next steps to finding peace with your childhood and reaching an emotional balancce so you can move forward today.

You deserve to feel like you’re living your most powerful life.

TAC Tribe - Now Closed

What members are saying:

Here's how it all breaks down

Each month offers a specific theme, so you can overcome your struggles and transform your life without feeling overwhelmed. Each month includes:

Live Teaching

This is the foundation of the whole month, where I share my tips, tools, and techniques for achieving your goals each month, getting you closer to living in your healthy, empowered Adult Chair!

Guided Meditation

Meditation is the key to getting balanced and centered. The monthly guided meditations will help you connect with the self, become more aware, and open up to transformation.

Live Q&A

Once a month, I jump on a call live with you and all of the members to answer all of your questions related to the monthly theme. But don’t worry, anonymous questions are welcome!


With 90,000+ thoughts a day, the monthly affirmations are a powerful tool to help keep a positive mindset! The power in our thoughts is indescribable – by saying and truly believing something, you can make it happen!

Mini Coaching Sessions

These are one-on-one coaching sessions where you can work with my master Adult Chair Coaches for 20 minutes, addressing any questions and problems that have come up as you work through the monthly theme.

Self-Discovery Work

This is where the real transformation begins…Every Sunday you will receive your “self-development” work that includes journaling prompts and experiential exercises. It is up to you how much you put into the work but I can promise you, it will be worth it!


Members-Only Facebook Group

The support you have been looking for because we all know that we cannot do it alone!

Exclusive Early Access + Discounts

Exclusive early access and discounts on all Adult Chair merchandise, courses and live events

The Adult Chair Membership:

The best place to begin doing the inner work and receive EVERYTHING you need, each step of the way. I’ll be right there with you, through live coaching, monthly themes and weekly exercises, and regular 1:1 check-ins to see how you’re doing.

I’ve combined 25 years of seeking and studying into the process I’ve taken you fellow change seekers through, including people…

  • Who were new to the self-help journey and had never worked through their feelings and beliefs before.
  • Who had tried every self-help method, therapy, style, and program under the moon, but still hadn’t found the one.
  • Who had been listening to the podcast and following along with the free resources for years, and were already familiar with The Adult Chair Model.
  • Who had never heard my name until right before they joined, and had no clue what “Adult Chair” even meant.

The result is an easy-to-follow path towards a happy, peaceful and powerful life.
(And a brilliantly supportive and loving community to boot!)


Pick the Subscription that works best for you.


Monthly payments of $39

 [Instant Access]



Questions your fellow change seekers asked before saying “yes” to The Adult Chair Membership

I’ve worked with life coaches, therapists, and other self-help guides already. How is this any different?

I hear you. I’ve learned from so many different mentors, books, classes, and methods across spirituality and psychology — some were life-changing, others were meh.

The truth is, I’ve experienced just about every self-help offering out there… on top of my master’s in counseling and experience working in a private practice, my training also includes energy medicine, meridian therapy, Neuro-linguistic  programming, emotional freedom technique, PSYCH-K, chakra balancing, meditation, intuition, and yoga.

It was through studying under each of these wise teachings that I developed the Adult Chair Model, which has helped THOUSANDS of people find a path to a happier and healthier self.

I believe in this model wholeheartedly, and I know that it can help you too. What have you got to lose?

I don’t feel comfortable sharing my story in a group. Are you going to call on me to talk in front of other people?

You are not alone in feeling that way, and I will NEVER pressure you to do something you’re not ready for.

That being said, this membership is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and experiencing real growth from the inside out, so you may surprise yourself!

But please, if fear of public speaking or social anxiety is holding you back from joining us in the tribe, I want you to know that this is a NO pressure and NO judgement community — we’re here for you in WHATEVER capacity you feel safe with.

I live in a different time zone, what if the Live Teaching and Live Q&A happens when I’m not available?

We move around the days and times of the Live Teachings and Live Q&As each month to give everyone the opportunity to attend – our membership is global! We love having people from all over attend and do our best to make it work for all! 

In addition, every Live Teaching & Live Q&A are recorded and uploaded within 48 business hours of the event being over, so you can always go back to watch it! You won’t ever be behind.

I’m not sure I’m ready to invest money into my self-discovery journey... Can I get the same results with the free resources?

I get it. Investing your money into any program is hard – especially if you’ve invested before and haven’t seen results. 

Here’s the truth – if you want real results, real breakthrough, real change – you will find that here. 

If you want the support of a close-knit community to help you along the way, to help keep you accountable and to help work through tough times, you will find that here.

If you want to keep trying things on your own and getting the same results, there are a multitude of free resources out there. But if you are ready to finally step into the life you’ve always wanted, and are willing to do the work to get there – this is for you!

I want to join the tribe, but I’m already spread thin. How much time will it take each month?

That is totally up to you! Most people spend on average 30 minutes a week on the self-discovery work… that’s really all it takes to experience a HUGE transformation.

The live teaching and coaching sessions are around 1 hour, meditations are between 20-30 minutes, and the live Q&A is around 1.5 hours. You can listen to them as much or as little as you’d like.

The time you spend on the self-discovery work is up to you — the content will always be there for you to go back and reference. However, I encourage you to remember the reason you’re here in the first place. To experience transformation, you must first do the work!

Can you remind me what I’m getting when I enroll today?

Absolutely! The membership is split into months, and each month has a different self-discovery theme. 

The 1st week of the month has live teaching, the 2nd week has mini-coaching sessions, the 3rd week has a live Q&A, and the 4th week has more coaching sessions.

We also release new meditations, affirmations, and journal prompts each month, along with new self-discovery work each week.

You will have instant access to the supportive TAC Tribe community!

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

If you wish to cancel, you may cancel your account within the platform under “MY ACCOUNT’ or email us at support@michellechalfant.com. If requesting a cancellation, this must be requested 7 days prior to your next billing cycle charge to ensure you will not be charged again. Once deactivated, you will still have access to your previously paid content for the next 12 months.

So…will you be one of those people who let go of their mental blocks and childhood traumas to truly live and love their lives?

Remember that important question we began this whole conversation with?

You now have the knowledge to answer it with complete confidence.

Because when you join The Adult Chair Membership, you’ll have a place to go beyond learning and actually address your feelings and thoughts head on, without feeling judged or unsafe.

A place to gain a deeper understanding into your triggers and beliefs, while feeling supported and seen.

A place to interact with like-minded people on the same amazing journey as you, looking for a space to heal themselves.

And that, my friend, is a place you want to be.



Monthly payments of $39

 [Instant Access]