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Michelle Chalfant: Website

You know your purpose and calling in life is to help others. You want to bring healing to the world, to help people transform their lives and find the peace, freedom and happiness that you know is possible.

You’ve experienced the power of The Adult Chair model, and you want to help others experience it too.

And you want to be part of a global movement of transformation, helping the world become emotionally and spiritually healthy — transforming lives, families and entire communities.

Anyone who has been moved by the power of The Adult Chair model and feels called to use it to help others!

2020 Program enrollment is now open! Apply by August 15, 2020!

Apply for the 2020 Program

... until the doors close!

What You Get With Your Certification

The Adult Chair Certification Program is based on 25 years of study and over six figures worth of personal training and professional development — that we’re combining and delivering to you in one holistic six-month program.


You’ll get in-depth training in The Adult Chair model and how to use it with clients, learn dozens of healing modalities and tools and get hands-on practice working with clients and helping them overcome common issues — everything you need to be a successful, effective coach.


Plus, you will discover how you can make the model your own and plug it into whatever your business is or will be, whether you want to become a life coach, integrate the model into your existing business or if you’re therapist looking help your clients experience greater change.

You will walk away fully trained in The Adult Chair model and techniques, fully prepared to take on clients and with a business and marketing plan to set you up for success!


During the Program

  • Week-long, in-person live training with Michelle, where you’ll receive in-depth training on The Adult Chair model, how to use it with clients, how to build a coaching practice or create a totally new business model and more
  • Guided coaching practicum, where you’ll be paired with other coaches-in-training to gain hands-on experience as a coach
  • Monthly master classes, where you’ll learn from experts in specific fields and modalities
  • Two Q&A sessions each month, where you’ll have the opportunity to get guidance on both your coaching skills and building or upleveling your business
  • One coaching session a month, where you will observe and learn from Michelle as she coaches others using the model
  • Resources and reading materials, tailored to your speciality and interests
  • A coaching forum just for your 2020 program group, where you can ask questions, connect with other coaches and get advice

As a Certified Coach

    • Official certification and the opportunity to market yourself as an Adult Chair Certified Coach
    • A coaches directory, where you will be listed as a certified coach on the The Adult Chair website (free for the first year)
    • Client referrals as people inquire about Adult Chair Certified Coaches in their areas
    • Access to continuing education courses created just for coaches
    • A community of other coaches and hands-on support when you need it
    • Tons of bonuses and a lifetime of benefits

Apply for the 2020 Certification Program!

I am so excited to launch The Adult Chair Certification Program in December 2020! Come be a part of our first group to get certified and manifest your life’s purpose of helping others!

The program will take place June through December 2020. It will kick off with an in-person training December 6-12 near Nashville, Tennessee, with a graduation date of May 31, 2021.

Participants must apply for this program, and a limited number will be chosen. The application deadline is August 15, so be sure to apply now and hold your spot for this very special program!

2020 Program Details

During our six months together, you’ll be immersed in The Adult Chair model, learning how to work with others as a coach and building your business plan.

After graduation, you’ll become an official Adult Chair Certified Coach and join a global movement of people bringing this transformational model to the world!

The program begins with an in-person training. This training will give you the foundational knowledge you need to work as an Adult Chair coach.

From there, you will spend the next six months studying and completing hands-on practicum work, refining your skills and gaining the experience you need to be an effective coach.

We’ll take you on a guided journey of becoming a life coach and make sure you graduate with EVERYTHING you need to step into your coaching practice!

Program Dates: December 2020 – May 2021
*Prerequisite: The Adult Chair Workshop (visit events page to see upcoming!)

Program Cost: 12 monthly installments of $780 or 1 installment of $8,797

Application Deadline: August 15, 2020

In-Person Training:

Your group of coaches-in-training will gather together at a beautiful retreat center near Nashville, Tennessee, where you’ll begin your journey as an Adult Chair coach.

Through a combination of teaching, panel sessions, Q&As, meditation, journaling, partner work, group work and hands-on exercises, you will get intensive training in The Adult Chair model, how to become an effective, intuitive coach and how to build or uplevel your coaching business. This is where we take from you from understanding the model to understanding how Michelle uses it to help people transform — and how you can too!

December 6-12, 2020 at the Five Star Retreat in Nunnelly, TN (just outside of Nashville)
*All meals and lodging included

Hands-On Practicum Hours

During the program, you will be partnered with another person from your program, where you will each conduct sessions as the coach and the client. Your pairing will rotate every two weeks, so you’ll work with a variety of people and coaching styles, and you’ll receive feedback from each of your “clients.” You’ll complete at least 30 practicum hours, giving you tons of experience and confidence working with real-world clients by the time you graduate.

Coaching from Michelle

We’re pouring so much time and energy into this program, and we’re walking with you each step of the way! Each month, Michelle will host two live Q&A calls, where she’ll be your personal coach and business consultant. Ask questions about The Adult Chair model, how to navigate different coaching scenarios, working with clients, how to build or run a business, marketing and more.

You will also observe Michelle as she coaches a client each month, and you will walk through self-guided exercises to help you learn from what you observed.

Resources and Ongoing Training

The Adult Chair Certification Program is PACKED with resources and required, remote trainings that you’ll use throughout your journey to become a fully effective coach. As part of your training, you’ll get two master classes each month, which will be led by a variety of experts in specific fields and modalities. Think deep dives into topics like energy, boundaries and relationships; ethics, intuitive coaching, meditation and experiential tools; growing a business, systems and logistics, marketing and more.

You will also be given a list of books and readings, which will be tailored to your interests, niche and what you want to learn more about.

The Adult Chair Certification is not just another certification or badge to add to your website. This is an immersive program where you will not only gain a deep understanding of The Adult Chair model and how to use it with clients, but you will also learn how to be an effective coach and build a successful business and practice.

You will walk out fully prepared, with the knowledge, resources and support you need to live out your mission and calling in the world!

I'm All In

An investment in who you want to be

We get it: it’s a huge decision to take the leap and pursue your mission in life. You probably have questions about time and money, if it will be worth it and maybe a little bit of Adolescent Chair fear.


First, to calm your Adolescent, we want to assure you that this will be SO WORTH IT! We’ve all spent money on things where we might have gained some knowledge but not gotten a real return on our investment. This program is NOT one of those things! 


We understand that every hour and penny you spend is valuable and that any investment you make in your skills, your business or your future should PAY OFF! It is our intention that you will get what you want out of this program, fulfill your potential and make far more money than you put in — for years to come. Yes, it will take work…but we know the possibilities you can experience are endless, and we’re going to give you everything you need to succeed!!


Now, from a higher Adult perspective, think about your WHY for doing this. Yes, we all want to build a business, be successful and be fulfilled in our work…but this is also about something so much bigger for you and for the world.


This is about who you want to be and committing to becoming that person. It’s about saying yes, deciding that you CAN and that you’re going to turn your dreams into “what is” instead of “what ifs.”


And it’s about all the people who need you, the people who write in every day looking for a coach like you…and the global movement of transformation that is coming through The Adult Chair — a movement YOU can help start.

And as a bonus…

As an Adult Chair Certified Coach, you are part of The Adult Chair team and family, and it’s a pretty great family to be a part of! After you graduate from the program, you’re not on your own. We are here to support you and help you succeed, with continuing education, tools and resources each step of the way.


Here are some of the ongoing bonuses you get as a coach (in addition to your official Adult Chair Certification!):

  • One free Adult Chair workshop a year (AND you can bring a friend, spouse or partner for free)
  • Lifetime access to a coaches-only platform, where you can connect, collaborate and learn how to uplevel your business together
  • Coaching masterminds with Michelle and other experts during your first year, where you can get ongoing feedback and guidance on your business
  • Referrals through The Adult Chair network, as we get requests for coaches (we get countless messages from people each week looking for an Adult Chair coach in their area, and we want to send them your way!)
  • Marketing through The Adult Chair platforms, including a directory listing of coaches, social media spotlights and more
Become A Part Of The Movement

Topics the program covers

  • The Adult Chair model and how to use it when working with others
  • Hands-on, in-depth training in The Adult Chair tools and techniques, including inner child work, parts work, EFT, breathwork, mindfulness, grounding, meditation, intuition and more
  • How to help clients overcome common issues, including anxiety, depression, codependency, narcissism, trauma, fear, triggers, relationship issues, etc.
  • A coach’s mission, vision, ethics and best practices
  • The practical elements of working with clients
  • How to become a more intuitive and effective coach
  • How to guide clients towards transformation
  • Defining your business model, niche, offering and target client
  • Building or growing a successful business
  • Websites, social media and marketing tools

Learn from some of the top experts, get hands-on coaching from Michelle and walk out of the program with your new business model launched!


The 2020 Program

What is The Adult Chair Certification Program?

The Adult Chair Certification Program is a six-month training program, where you’ll be immersed in The Adult Chair model while getting in-depth, personalized training on how to use the model in your practice and how to become a successful holistic coach or therapist. It includes in-person training, guided practicum work, personal coaching and more to give you everything you need to help your clients truly transform their lives. 

Do I have to be a coach or therapist to be part of the program?

No, this program is for anyone who feels called to help others using The Adult Chair model. Whether you are looking for a career change and want to become a life coach or you have a business and want to integrate the model into it, we’re going to help you get there!


Our standards are very high, and we guarantee any graduate of this program will be fully trained and ready to take on clients.


Once you graduate, you will have the full support from my team and other coaches to help ensure that you are fully prepared and successful in your endeavors.


The only thing we ask of those that join is that they are fully committed, passionate and ready to be part of this incredible movement of helping others transform their lives through The Adult Chair model.

What do I get as a certified coach?

As an Adult Chair Certified Coach, you will receive continuing education, referrals and an official certification that allows you to advertise and market your practice under The Adult Chair brand. Certification benefits include:


  • Official certification and the opportunity to market yourself as an Adult Chair Certified Coach
  • A coaches directory, where you will be listed as a certified coach on the The Adult Chair website (free for the first year; $250/year to maintain your directory listing afterwards)
  • Client referrals as people inquire about Adult Chair Certified Coaches in their areas
  • Access to continuing education courses created just for coaches 
  • A community of other coaches and hands-on support when you need it
What is required to complete the certification?
  • In-person training event: The program will kick off with a week-long, in-person training, where you’ll be immersed in The Adult Chair model and learn how to use it with your clients, how to become a better coach, how to build a coaching practice and more.
  • 30 practicum hours: After the live training, you will spend the next five months practicing under the guidance of Michelle and her team. You will be paired with other group participants and practice coaching each other, and then, you will practice coaching clients. Your sessions will be observed via video by Michelle and her team, and feedback and guidance will be offered. A total of 30 practicum hours are required to be certified.

Coaching sessions with Michelle: We will host six live coaching calls via Zoom throughout the program. You will be required to attend at least two of them live and to watch all of them via recorded video.

What is the time commitment?

Expect to spend on average three to four hours per week working on your certification during the six-month program. You will have at least one weekly session with another coach or “client” until you’ve reached your 30 hours. We will pair you with coaches and volunteers from outside of the program for these sessions, and pairings will rotate throughout the program so you get the experience of working with many different people.


In addition to practice hours each week, you’ll have some prep time, some reading and studying time and a monthly coaching call with Michelle.

What happens I don’t complete all of the requirements?

If you attend the in-person training but don’t complete your practicum hours, you will not receive your certification. You must complete all of your hours to be certified. And because group participation is such a big part of this program, it’s essential that you commit to your practicum hours both for yourself and for other program participants. We understand that life happens and will work with you if an unexpected event arises, but we ask that all participants take this commitment seriously and that you only apply if you expect to be able to fully participate.

Will all program participants be certified?

We are here to help you succeed! Though we expect that all participants will graduate, you will be required to pass an exam at the end of the program to receive your certification. If you are not ready to graduate in December, we will put together a plan on a case-by-case basis to help you complete your certification. We also expect that all certified coaches uphold our ethical standards to maintain their certifications after graduation.

I am currently a coach or therapist. What will I get out of this?

Every therapist or coach wants their clients to get breakthroughs and results. Even with a master’s degree and years of experience, we’re all constantly learning, exploring new tools and modalities and looking for new ways to help our clients.


The Adult Chair model is a proven model and a six-step process of transformation that can work for ANYONE. It helps clients get real change FAST, and this program will show you how you can use it to help your clients transform their lives. Over the years, Michelle has spent over six figures on her own training, and she’s giving you everything she’s learned in one six-month program and for a crazy low rate! The training you receive will also help give you clarity in your business and uplevel your marketing, so you can see greater growth and success after you graduate.


Finally, most therapists only learn a handful of techniques in school. Because this program focuses on coaching, you’re going to be equipped with a new set of skills that will empower you to take a more holistic approach with your clients. The demand for life coaches is growing (we believe it’s the future of mental health!), and this program will help you expand what you offer and serve all types of clients!

Is the Adult Chair Certification accredited through the International Coach Federation (ICF)?

Adult Chair Certified Coaches are certified by the Michelle Chalfant Co. and not by a third-party accrediting body. However, our program is based on the competencies and ethics laid out by ICF and decades of experience in the field. We give you both professional training and holistic guidance to make sure that Adult Chair Certified Coaches are not just qualified but also approach their practice from a place of love, connection, respect and excellence.

What type of businesses can use the certification?

The beautiful thing about The Adult Chair model is that it can be integrated into any type of business focused on healing and transformation. You do NOT have to coach clients one-on-one or have a private practice to be a certified coach. Some of our program participants work with youth, women and trauma survivors and want to use the TAC tools to help those they serve. Some teach yoga or do myofascial release and want to support their clients through the model. And some will go on to become life coaches who see individual clients.


The possibilities are truly endless, and as part of this program, we’ll help you make it your own and build YOUR business plan, so you can create the career of your dreams while helping others.

Are there any prerequisites for the program?

Yes, you must have attended at least one Adult Chair Workshop before being accepted into the certification program. If you have not attended a workshop, visit our events page to find upcoming dates: https://theadultchair.com/events/.

How often is the program offered?

The program is offered once a year. Our 2020 program (our first one ever!) begins in December 2020. The program kicks off with a week-long in-person training, which will be held December 6-12, 2020 near Nashville, Tennessee. 

How many people are accepted into the program?

This program is very hands-on, both in terms of the live coaching I offer throughout the six months and in terms of the group participation required. For that reason, we select a small group of participants for each session. If accepted, you’ll be placed in a tight-knit group of up to 30 other participants who will all work together and support each other in their training. Although we accept up to 30, we do not guarantee 30 in your class as we are very selective in who we certify as coaches.

Am I automatically accepted into the program?

Because of the limited space available and because I have put my heart and soul into this model and program, we will review all applications carefully and select the applicants who we believe will be the best fit for this year’s program. You will be asked to put down a refundable deposit of $780 to hold your spot. If you are not accepted this round, your deposit can be refunded, and you are welcome to apply for future programs!

When will I know if I’m accepted into the program?

After registration closes on August 15, 2020, we will review all applications and let you know whether or not you’ve been selected by August 31, 2020. If you’ve been selected, you will be required to complete a video interview with Michelle before being officially accepted into the program. All applicants will know if they are accepted into the program by September 15, 2020.

Is the deposit refundable?

Yes, if you are not accepted into the program, you will be refunded your full deposit. If you’re on the waiting list and would like to remain there, your deposit will be held until the program begins. If a spot opens up and you are accepted, you will then be charged. If a spot does not open, you will receive your deposit back.

Is the program cost refundable?

No, once you have been accepted and confirmed for the program, your payments are non-refundable. We take our commitment to you VERY seriously and are pouring so much time and energy into this program. Because this program is so selective, we only accept those who are serious about their commitment as well. As a result, we can’t offer refunds once a payment has been made.


The five installments are automatically drafted each month. If a payment does not process or if your payment method does not go through, it must be updated and processed within 10 business days for you to remain part of the program.

Is the program cost refundable?

No, once you have been accepted and confirmed for the program, your payments are non-refundable. We take our commitment to you VERY seriously and are pouring so much time and energy into this program. Because this program is so selective, we only accept those who are serious about their commitment as well. As a result, we can’t offer refunds once a payment has been made.


The one or 12 installments are automatically drafted each month until paid in full. If a payment does not process or if your payment method does not go through, it must be updated and processed within 10 business days for you to remain part of the program.

What type of payments are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards. Unfortunately, we cannot accept PayPal at this time.

I have more questions. How can I get in touch?

We understand that this program is a big investment in yourself and in your future, and we are here to help guide you through your decision! Whether you have questions about the program itself or just want to figure out if this is the right next step for you, we’d love to talk to you! Drop us a line at michelle@michellechalfant.com, and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

In-person Training Event (December 2020)

When is the in-person training event for the 2020 program?

Our long-anticipated 2020 program will kick off with a week-long, in-person training event December 6-12, 2020. The event will be held at a retreat center just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.


Attendees will arrive Sunday, December 6 between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. A welcome dinner will be served for all at 6:00 p.m.


The training will be December 6-12, 2020. We’ll meet each day from around 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Where will the in-person training take place?

The training will take place at the beautiful Five Star Retreat, located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee (about an hour from downtown Nashville). This is a gorgeous lodge on a stunning property with plenty of space for meeting, reflection and to connect with yourself and nature. It is a lovely place to get away and immerse yourself in The Adult Chair all week long. https://www.fivestarretreat.com

What can I expect from the in-person training?

The in-person training is going to be an experience like no other, a week where we dive deep into The Adult Chair model and deep into ourselves, so we can learn to help others. This is an immersive training where you’ll learn a lot about yourself and even more about how to be an effective coach and build or grow your coaching practice. The training will include:

  • A deep dive into The Adult Chair model
  • Experiential work and self-discovery work (we can only take people as far as we have gone, so come prepared to go deep into yourself)
  • Training on how to be an effective coach, how to stay centered as a coach and how to coach clients through specific issues
  • Hands-on, participatory sessions, where you will be both client and coach (including chair work)
  • Training on how to find clients, market yourself, build your business and more

Unlike The Adult Chair Workshop, where you can choose to observe rather than participate, this training will be a HANDS-ON event for everyone! Come prepared to be challenged, to learn and grow and to walk away a better coach and a better version of yourself.

Learn more about what the in-person training includes here.

Is lodging included?

Yes, Five Star Retreat has a beautiful, upscale lodge and cabins, and your on-site accommodations are included in the price of the program.


All participants will be staying in the main lodge in shared double rooms or bunk rooms.

If you prefer to stay in a private cabin on the property, it can be added on at an additional cost, just reach out to michelle@michellechalfant.com to inquire.

Will transportation be available from the airport to the retreat center?

If you are flying in for the event, you will need to make your own arrangements for transportation from the airport. The retreat is about an hour from downtown Nashville. We will be glad to provide suggestions for car rentals, ride sharing or shuttles.

Are all meals included?

Yes, the kitchen will be stocked for breakfast and lunch, and a catered, farm-to-table dinner will be served every evening for dinner.

Can I still participate in the program if I can’t attend the in-person training?

No, the in-person training is required for all program participants. We are going to cover a lot of ground during this week, and it will give you the foundation you need to complete the rest of the program. The purpose of the certification program is to fully equip you to use the model in your practice, and you will not be able to do so without this training! If you can’t make this year’s training event, we invite you to apply for the program another year.

Can I leave early or leave for a couple hours if I have an appointment or another commitment?

We understand everyone has very busy schedules; however, we ask that everyone be there for the full event. We are diving into some deep work, and leaving early or late could interrupt the experience for others. It’s also important that you receive the full training in order to complete your certification.

Apply Today!

— Best Value —

(Save over $500!)

— Low Monthly —

*All lodging and farm-to-table meals included for the week long in-person training in Nashville, TN December 6 – 12!

But hurry, applications close August 15, 2020!

The Adult Chair Workshop is a prerequisite for the certification program. If you have not attended an Adult Chair Workshop, visit the events page to find an upcoming workshop near you!

Apply for the 2020 Program
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