Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 232 – Overcoming Relationship PTSD
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232 – Overcoming Relationship PTSD

We all know a bad relationship can wreak havoc on our lives, from our self-esteem to our goals and dreams. But most of us don’t know that the effects of a bad relationship can linger long after the break up. Yes, relationship PTSD is a real thing!


PTSD (or post-traumatic stress disorder) is not just reserved for the traumas of war or the “big” obvious traumas. Anyone can suffer from PTSD, and if you have lived in a toxic or abusive relationship for any amount of time, you might find yourself suffering from fear, stress or hypervigilance in relationships even after you’ve “moved on.”


On today’s show, I’m bringing back my friend, Tracy, who has shared in past episodes about her marriage with a narcissist, the process of leaving that relationship and beginning to date again. As she began exploring new relationships, she caught herself unconsciously bracing for the worst or expecting new partners to act like her ex. She had no idea she had PTSD until she and I talked about what was going on and today, she is bravely and vulnerably sharing her experience to help shed light on this important topic.


Listen to discover:


  • The difference between “little t” trauma and “big T” trauma and why both can create PTSD
  • What PTSD is
  • The signs of relationship PTSD
  • The role of the body in healing PTSD
  • Practical tools and tips to overcome PTSD


Not only does Tracy help us understand what relationship PTSD is and how it can show up in our lives, but she also shares her journey of healing and what she has used to make AMAZING and fast progress in overcoming PTSD. This episode is packed with tools from The Adult Chair that will help you heal stored trauma and move forward into a brighter and happier relationship future.


“When you have fear about a past event that has already happened, that’s the biggest sign to me.” – Tracy


“With trauma we’re stuck in the past, and the body doesn’t understand that we’ve moved forward in time.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Instead of being who we really are, we become that person who walks on eggshells to not upset them and we lose ourselves.” – Michelle Chalfant


“I had to be ok with myself outside of that relationship.” – Tracy


“The right person will wait for you.” – Michelle




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