Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 220 – Summer Series: Childhood Wounding in the Enneagram with Ramona Reid
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220 – Summer Series: Childhood Wounding in the Enneagram with Ramona Reid

By nature, all of us have the Child, Adolescent and Adult parts of ourselves…but these parts can look very different depending on our personality and life experience. Through the lens of the Enneagram, we can understand more about our personality and the ways we show up in stress and in health, and in this episode, Enneagram coach Ramona Reid breaks down how the wounds we received as a child affect our personality later in life. 


Our Enneagram type is often influenced by the message we did not hear as a child, and we form a personality or mask to make up for that wound. This might look like trying to be good and perfect, getting big and strong or trying to keep the peace with everyone around us, but it’s always an ego response. Ramona does a beautiful job tying the Enneagram into The Adult Chair model and helping each of us understand what our Child, Adolescent and Adult might look like based on our type. 


Listen to discover:


  • The three Enneagram centers and the nine types
  • The message each type didn’t receive as a child and the wounding each type carries
  • The mask each type creates to cover that wounding
  • What the core essence (healthy Adult) looks like for each type
  • How to recognize our triggers and move towards presence 


This show was as cool as it was informative! Even if you have never heard of the Enneagram, you will benefit from listening as it will deepen your understanding of your wounding and how you are showing up in the world. 


If you want to listen to the other shows that Ramona has been on to deepen your understanding of the Enneagram, see the show notes below. They are all brilliant shows!


“The point is not to never be triggered again. It’s to understand that triggers are human and they’re mine…I want to learn how to encounter them with more accountability and integrity and love for myself and my inner child.” – Ramona Reid


“Everyone’s just sort of doing the best they can, and then we internalize that. When we’re little, we think, ‘This is about me,’ and we create separation from our essence.” – Ramona Reid


“As children, we are sponges and absorb everything around us…and it becomes ours. It’s why you’ve got to observe everything and pay attention to what’s going on inside of you.” – Michelle Chalfant


“The work from my perspective is getting in touch with what’s actually going on. Notice where our minds are going, where our hearts are going, out of presence…when we’re able to be present, that’s when our core essential qualities will show up.” – Ramona Reid




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