Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 389 – Steps for Working Through a Trigger with Angela Johnson
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389 – Steps for Working Through a Trigger with Angela Johnson

Triggers are a gift.


Yes, you heard that right (and if you’ve been here for a while, you’ve heard me say it before) – I LOVE being triggered! 


That’s not to say it’s fun being triggered, but working with triggers has led to some of the most transformational moments of my life. 


See, triggers reveal unknown, unconscious beliefs we hold about ourselves – limiting beliefs that cause us pain and hold back in life. 


When these beliefs rise to the surface in the form of a trigger, we get the beautiful opportunity to work with them and transform them…not only healing the trigger but helping us get unstuck and change our lives.


One of my Adult Chair® Coaches, Angela, recently had an experience working with a trigger that was so transformational that even she has jumped on the “triggers are a gift” bandwagon.


A tiff with her husband led to a HUGE moment of self-discovery and deeper connection in their relationship, thanks to the trigger tools Angela learned through The Adult Chair®.


I was so proud of the work she did that I invited her to come on the show and share exactly how she took ownership of the trigger (instead of blaming her husband) and then worked with the trigger to discover and heal the surprising belief underneath it — one she would have never recognized without the trigger 


Listen to discover:


  • How Angela used The Adult Chair (TAC) to work through a trigger and repair a relationship
  • The surprising root of Angela’s trigger that she was able to uncover
  • How TAC has completely changed the way Angela responds when triggered
  • Why triggers are the gateway to freedom
  • How triggers work through the lens of the Child, Adolescent and Adult Chairs
  • Steps for working through a trigger
  • Why doing our work and healing can make us less vulnerable to triggers


When we work on our triggers, it is true freedom. 


We not only heal the limiting beliefs that hold us back but also find that we get triggered less with time. 


This is one of my favorite conversations because it shows this work in action and breaks it down for you in a powerful way. You will discover exactly how triggers work through the lens of The Adult Chair, how to stay regulated and grounded next time you’re triggered and steps to work through and heal your triggers for good.


“When we work with ourselves and work on our own healing of our old wounds…it affects so many people around us.” – Michelle Chalfant 


“Like you said, triggers are a gift. You say it. I don’t want it to be true. But I’m learning that it is.” – Angela Johnson


“[Triggers] are a gift…You will learn something about a part of you that’s been buried for a very long time. And it is an opportunity to look at that and actually transform and bring that part into the light, and then it doesn’t trigger you anymore.” – Michelle Chalfant


“What we don’t understand about this work sometimes, because it feels scary, is that on the other side of it is freedom.” – Angela Johnson


“I’ve lived in that space of letting [triggers] disrupt my life and relationships for long enough that I just don’t want to live that way anymore.” – Angela Johnson


“When we’re in our Adult Chair…we remember that life is a choice, and everything in life is a choice. And we get to choose, “Do I want to stay in victim seat?” or, “Do I want to reach over and be in my empowerment seat?'” – Michelle Chalfant


“Our perspective when we’re triggered shrinks way down…what we want to do is broaden your perspective, and then you have all these different choices and options.” – Michelle Chalfant


“In the Adult, we live in the moment. We don’t drag things from the past into the moment.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Freedom is not a quick little pill. It does take a little bit of work. But it’s long lasting. This is not a band-aid approach.” – Michelle Chalfant


“You don’t get activated the same way after you do that work. That’s the miracle.” – Angela Johnson




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