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305 – How to Build Healthy Relationships

Relationships are one of the most basic human needs, but building healthy relationships takes self-awareness and work. While we talk a lot about behaviors that can make a relationship unhealthy, such as narcissism and gaslighting (which are both more than unhealthy – they’re abuse), I thought it was time to talk about what makes a relationship a keeper. 


What traits can you look to as your benchmark to see if your relationship is healthy and what should you aspire to if you’re working on creating healthier relationships in your life?


In this episode, I’m sharing eight traits that healthy relationships have in common – whether that’s a relationship with a partner, friend, family member or anyone! 


Listen to discover:


  • The 8 qualities of a healthy relationship
  • What an apology is and what it isn’t
  • How to have open, honest communication
  • Relationship truths to live by


This doesn’t mean you have to get this right 100% of the time to be healthy, but healthy people DO work to repair mistakes and deepen connection, and that is what these practices will help you do.


Remember that, while it takes two to tango, you can change the dance of your relationship just by working on yourself. As you live more authentically from your Adult Chair, you will find the way you respond to others and the way you show up and communicate changes. If you’re in a relationship with another healthy individual, they will be drawn to match your energy and meet you with more authenticity, vulnerability and openness – the keys to connection. 


“We don’t need to change other people to become who we want them to be.” – Michelle Chalfant


“If you hurt someone you care about, you apologize.” – Michelle Chalfant


“People in healthy relationships are interested in knowing what you need.” – Michelle Chalfant


“We remember to use the word ‘I’ and not ‘you.’ We express OUR needs.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Relationships take work they really do.” – Michelle Chalfant





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