Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 301 – Narcissism 101: What It Is & How To Heal It
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301 – Narcissism 101: What It Is & How To Heal It

Narcissism is such a buzzword these days…it can be tempting to throw the label at anyone in our lives who isn’t healthy or who is a little bit full of themselves. While I love that psychology is so accessible and that the world has a lot more awareness of narcissism than in the past, it’s so important to understand what narcissism really is, so we can spot it and heal from it – whether you are in a relationship with a narcissist or believe you’re a narcissist yourself. 


In this episode, I’m breaking down the core traits of narcissism (it’s more than just a big ego), the childhood wounding that leads to narcissism and the steps you can take to heal the painful effects of narcissism.


Listen to discover:


  • What narcissism is
  • The top traits of narcissism 
  • How narcissism forms
  • How to spot narcissist red flags in a relationship 
  • Breaking down “love bombing,” “gaslighting” and other common narcissistic tactics (with examples) 
  • How to heal if you find yourself in a relationship with a narcissist
  • How a narcissist can heal


Being in a relationship with a narcissist can be incredibly painful. It’s often filled with emotional abuse and manipulation, put downs and a lack of empathy that can be incredibly confusing and damaging to our sense of self. If you’re experiencing any type of abuse in a relationship, get out! 


At the same time, it’s important to remember we’re all human, and the narcissist is also in pain from deep childhood wounding that has caused them to cover up their true selves. With awareness, any of us can heal, and I hope this episode helps shed some light on the topic of narcissism and gives you practical tips for healing, whether you’re recovering from a relationship with a narcissist or have narcissistic traits yourself. 


“Let’s be really clear: true narcissism is a personality disorder.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Narcissists can love, but they can’t empathize. They can’t feel their emotions, so how in the world are they supposed to connect to your emotions?” – Michelle Chalfant


“Narcissism is a mask.” – Michelle Chalfant


“They inflate their sense of self to feel important in the world.” – Michelle Chalfant


“At the root of both these narcissistic pathways is deep shame.” – Michelle Chalfant


“The narcissist just wants admiration from you, and once they hook you, everything starts to change.” – Michelle Chalfant


“You did not get into the relationship knowing what you know now. In a sense, you were tricked.”  – Michelle Chalfant


“Anybody can heal that wants to heal. Anybody.” – Michelle Chalfant





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