Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 230 – Cutting Through Depression
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230 – Cutting Through Depression

From the outside and to herself Tonya looked like she had it all together…until one day, all the “spinning plates” fell and she collapsed. That moment led Tonya to a therapist’s office where she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety that had been simmering under the surface unnoticed for years. She found herself battling suicidal thoughts with stress manifesting in her body in many different ways.


Determined to not let it be the end of her story, Tonya began searching for a quick way to transform her depression on her own. She prayed for a “knife” that could quickly cut through her depression and was led to The Adult Chair podcast, which allowed her to completely transform in a matter of months. In this episode, Tonya shares her inspirational story of how she used the tools in The Adult Chair to completely shift her outlook on life and get healthy FAST (and for free!).


Listen to discover:


  • How Tonya cut through depression in less than a year
  • The tools that were most effective in working through depression
  • The importance of self-talk and shifting skewed thought patterns
  • Her journey of knowing who she is and learning to love herself


Today, Tonya is happy, healthy and on her way to becoming an Adult Chair Certified Coach. I’m so excited to see the way she helps others transform through her own experience of walking through and transforming depression and anxiety.


“The Adult Chair was my knife to cut through layers and layers of trauma.” – Tonya


“One of the biggest things is to be a story buster. Something happens and we interpret it negatively, and that leads to anxiety.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Accepting it doesn’t mean you like it or you’re never wanting change. Acceptance releases us from pushing against.” – Michelle Chalfant


“The same walls we use to protect our image are the same ones that imprison us in our pain.” – Tonya 




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