Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 223 – Tragedy and Marriage Transformed: April’s Story
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223 – Tragedy and Marriage Transformed: April’s Story

The Adult Chair is a powerful model for healing our wounds and becoming more empowered in our lives…but it has the power to change more than just ourselves. When we have the tools to navigate life’s challenges and respond differently to life, it can change everything around us!


In today’s episode, I’m interviewing my friend April, who is sharing how The Adult Chair model helped her walk through one of the most difficult seasons of her life, first transforming her marriage that was in trouble and then almost losing her son in a terrible car accident. Through these uncertain and tragic situations, April found she was able to shift her perspective and not just change her response to life’s challenges but also transform her marriage and family. She shares how the model was easy to understand and applicable enough for her and her husband to use together and the surprising peace and clarity she had when she got the call no parent wants to get.


April’s practice of busting stories, clinging to truth and being present through life’s challenges is hope and inspiration for all of us and a real-life example of how The Adult Chair can be used to help us transform whatever life throws our way.


Listen to discover:


  • How The Adult Chair helped April and her husband get the breakthrough they were looking for in their marriage
  • How busting stories and assumptions and connecting with their needs has helped April and her husband cultivate a new connection they didn’t think possible
  • How April stayed grounded and in the moment even in the middle of shock and tragedy
  • Avoiding the “what ifs” and worst-case scenario thoughts of the Adolescent
  • How we can teach our children to live in their Adult Chair by modeling it as parents
  • The power of owning our needs and learning to receive


“It’s not uncommon for us both to make up stories and assumptions in our marriage. It’s very easy to make up stories about each other (like) ‘Oh, he’s too busy; he doesn’t care.’ Or on the other hand, he’s thinking ‘I’m not worthy; she’s not attracted to me.’ When really the truth is, I’m exhausted or he’s exhausted.” – April


“Having a true need and being able to share that with another is such a beautiful, deep way to connect.”  – Michelle Chalfant


“It’s important that we remember it doesn’t come naturally right away…but I have found that tools over time do develop.” – April 


“Your brain wasn’t able to go back to the old you, which might have gotten freaked out and panicky, because the neural pathways are very much more now ‘Let me go back to fact and truth.’” – Michelle Chalfant




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