Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 406- Three Strategies to Improve Your Relationship
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406- Three Strategies to Improve Your Relationship

Today’s episode was inspired by a conversation with a dear friend who was seeking relationship advice. 


The truth is that many relationships face similar challenges — even relationships that aren’t romantic. 


As I explained the significance of self-awareness in her relationship, the role of her childhood wounds in shaping her interactions, and how to effectively repair and improve the communication in her relationship, I realized that the conversation was something everyone could benefit from. 


If you would like to start improving your relationship today, stop what you’re doing and listen to this week’s episode.


In this episode, I share the three strategies you can use to improve your relationship:

  1. Self-reflection and ownership
  2. Healthy communication
  3. Effective repair strategies 


I also include actionable tips centered on understanding yourself better to improve the dynamics of your interactions with others.


Listen to discover:

  • The importance of self-awareness in relationships
  • How your childhood impacts your relationships
  • The power of direct questions in communication
  • Techniques for expressing needs and wants effectively to partners
  • What “stonewalling” is and how it affects your relationships
  • How to manage your and your partner’s emotional needs 


Quotes to Remember:

“Healthy relationships require healthy communication. It’s probably one of the most important things that we can do.” – Michelle


“The way to improve any relationship is to look in the mirror and actually look at yourself.” – Michelle


“Instead of why is this happening to me, we ask the question, why is this happening for me?” – Michelle


“If you want to be with this person long term, you’ve got to come up with a repair plan.” – Michelle


“You’ve got to be willing to sit in whatever’s going on with you, journal it out, call your coach, call a therapist, call a friend, process it, whatever you need to do in order to help yourself to work through that.” – Michelle


For more insights and tools to help you navigate your relationships, visit my website and check out the free resource on Five Healthy Relationship Myths That Keep You Disconnected From Your Partner at The Adult Chair Website.






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