Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 329 – Becoming a Story Buster with Claudine Sweeney
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329 – Becoming a Story Buster with Claudine Sweeney

As humans, we tell ourselves stories all the time, every day. As we go through life, we try to make sense of our circumstances by making assumptions, filling in blanks and telling ourselves stories about why things are the way they are.


The problem? 97% of the time, these stories aren’t true! 


These untrue stories and assumptions that we believe create SO much unnecessary stress, anxiety and pain…they can even destroy our relationships.


In this show, I chat with my good friend and fellow life coach, Claudine Sweeney, about the time that stories and assumptions almost ended our 15-year friendship. This hilarious story is an incredible example of how easily we can all fall into story and the domino effect assumptions have on our lives and our relationships. It’s only because we chose to be truth seekers that we were able to clear up the misunderstanding and save our friendship!


In this show, we’re sharing practical tips for how you can bust stories and live as a truth seeker…and save yourself a whole lot of stress, pain and drama in the process!


Listen to discover:


  • The (now) hilarious story of how Claudine and I almost lost our friendship ALL because of assumptions
  • Why our brains so easily create stories  
  • How our past experiences can feed our stories and assumptions
  • Steps to bust stories and unwind assumptions 
  • How to change your life by choosing better, more conscious thoughts 
  • The power of giving others the benefit of the doubt and seeking a higher perspective 


Stories and assumptions are a vicious cycle because once we have a story in our mind, our ego collects all the evidence to validate that story. We suddenly only see things that reinforce our beliefs.


It takes courage to slow down, question our thoughts and ask others for clarity, facts and truth…but it’s what we do from our Adult Chair! 


We don’t just make assumptions about our own lives; we make assumptions about others around us all the time. We assume we know what type of person someone is and what type of experience they’ve had in life because of where they live or what they look like or stereotypes and prejudices we hold. How often do assumptions lead to anger, division and even hate? 


By being curious, giving people the benefit of the doubt and leading with love, we not only change our lives and our relationships, but we might even change the world.


“Stories and assumptions are things that plague every aspect of our lives.” – Michelle Chalfant


“And all of the sudden that lack of invitation becomes this whole story and there’s so many assumptions and it can really destroy relationships.” – Claudine Sweeney


“We collect data to reinforce the story…The eyes and the brain will sort for anything to reinforce what my belief is.” – Michelle Chalfant


“What we do as healthy adults is we learn to bust those stories.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Our pasts come into play here.” – Claudine Sweeney


“Blame is all from the ego.” – Michelle Chalfant


“[We] believe our feelings are fact and truth.” – Claudine Sweeney


“97% of the time that we’re in stories and assumptions, they’re incorrect.” – Michelle Chalfant


“If someone comes at us and treats us in an unkind way, we have to consider the circumstance.” – Michelle Chalfant


“I challenge and encourage my clients to get curious, not critical.” – Claudine Sweeney


“We fall victim to our negative, unconscious thoughts.” – Michelle Chalfant


“When I learned that my thoughts generated my emotions…it was mind-blowing and absolutely changed my life.” – Claudine Sweeney





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