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321 – From Depression to Inspiration with Ione Butler

It can be difficult to stay positive in today’s world. Not only do we all have an inner critic trying to send negative self-talk our way, but with 24-hour news coming at us, social media, polarization and fear and anger in the world, it is so easy to get pulled into energy that doesn’t serve us or uplift us.


It’s no wonder that so many of us struggle with mental health, anxiety and depression. 


Ione Butler also struggled with depression most of her life and went on a self-healing journey to learn how to overcome it. On her journey, she realized how much negativity she was seeing in the world around her and how bad it was making her feel, so she went on a mission to start a content platform with only uplifting content. 


The standard for what makes it onto the platform is simply, “Does it make you feel good?”


Learning to get really conscious about what she consumed, finding passion and joy in the everyday moments and building healthy daily habits transformed Ione’s depression, and on today’s show, she shares how she did it. 


This episode is full of practical, grounded, accessible tips (like exercise and watching social media intake) that we ALL can use to cultivate a lifestyle of mental and emotional well-being.


Listen to discover:


  • The tools that helped pull her out of depression
  • The ways social media affects our inner well-being
  • Post-traumatic growth and how we can turn trauma into positive change
  • How to find passion and joy in the day to day
  • Tips for overcoming depression and ruminating thoughts
  • The power of “reverse engineering” your life


Whether you’re struggling with anxiety and depression or simply feeling weighed down by the state of the world around you, remember that you are what you consume and you have the power to choose things that nourish you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


“The biggest change was recognizing those thoughts aren’t true. I can change those thoughts.” – Ione Butler


“We are what we consume…Everything we take in has an impact.” – Ione Butler


“I think we all need to pause and ask ourselves, ‘How does it make you feel?'” – Michelle Chalfant


“Our stories are so powerful…However, when we get stuck in them, we just spin in circles.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Recognizing the impact the thoughts were having and changing the thoughts was a big one.” – Ione Butler


“Every little bit helps, and it changes us.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Everything begins with a thought. And the question is, “Are you going to believe that thought or not?'” – Michelle Chalfant


“Our mind is a tool.” – Ione Butler





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