Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 316 – Healing with Psychedelics with Paul Austin
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316 – Healing with Psychedelics with Paul Austin

I’m sure we all have an image that comes into our minds when we think about psychedelics – probably something related to hippies, jam bands and wild colors and shapes. But what if there’s something more to these substances? What if they could be powerful tools for healing?


I know, I know: when I first heard people ask that question, I was skeptical too. I thought of psychedelics as drugs, and I definitely don’t advocate for drug use or numbing out instead of feeling emotions. But when I started researching the history of psychedelics and how they are being used in therapeutic settings, I began to open my mind to their possibilities, and I invite you to approach this episode with an open mind as well.


My guest today, Paul Austin, is a young entrepreneur leading the charge on making responsible, therapeutic use of psychedelics more understood and accepted. As Paul explains in the episode, the reason psychedelics have such healing potential is that they make the unconscious mind manifest, so we can see our shadow beliefs and understand the “why” behind some of the patterns in our lives. They can help us process trauma without activating the fear response in the brain and help us see life from a new perspective, which can heal anxiety, depression, PTSD and other issues at the source.


Paul does an amazing job breaking down the most common psychedelics, exactly how they work in the brain and what the experience is like with each one. We talk about the importance of intention, environment and dosage (we are NOT advocating for using these at, say, Bonnaroo) and why it’s essential to have a therapist with you in the experience. 



Listen to discover:

  • What a psychedelic actually is
  • A breakdown of the common psychedelics 
  • The importance of using these substances in a therapeutic setting for proper dosing, guidance and integration of the experience 
  • Demystifying the psychedelic experience 
  • How various psychedelics work in the brain and what each one is helpful in treating
  • What microdosing is and how it works



Psychedelics are an intriguing topic that I actually get asked about a lot, and I hope you guys enjoy this research-driven episode that just might change your mind about these powerful plant medicines. 


“The word ‘psychedelic’ literally means ‘mind manifesting.'” – Paul Austin


“Psychedelics are phenomenal ways that we can heal unknown aspects of self.” – Michelle Chalfant


“There’s a way to do this appropriately and consciously and in a healthy way.” – Michelle Chalfant


“What ketamine does neurologically, or to the brain if you will, is that it does a phenomenal job of dissolving the ego.” – Paul Austin


“A lot of these mental health conditions, whether it’s anxiety, depression or OCD, are caused by rigidity in the brain.” – Paul Austin


“That inner healing intelligence that’s so often shut down, psychedelics often help to bring that to the forefront.”  – Paul Austin


“We look at things one way. And with a psychedelic, you get to look at it from a higher perspective and from a different perspective.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Oftentimes the healing potential from psilocybin is because you’re basically facing your trauma head on.” – Paul Austin


“Having someone to help you integrate is hugely important. You have to have a therapist or a guide or someone that sits with you.” – Michelle Chaflant





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