Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 312 – Healthy Sexuality, Healing Sexual Trauma and Reclaiming Pleasure with Dr. Holly Richmond
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312 – Healthy Sexuality, Healing Sexual Trauma and Reclaiming Pleasure with Dr. Holly Richmond

Let’s talk about sex, baby! Our sexuality is a core part of ourselves and the human experience, but for too long, we’ve treated sex as a taboo subject. Well, in this episode, we’re “going there” and hopefully breaking down some walls and shame in the process.


My guest on this episode, Dr. Holly Richmond, is a marriage and family therapist, sex therapist and somatic (body-based) therapist who helps individuals and couples heal trauma and find greater intimacy and connection with themselves and each other. In this episode, we talk about why sexuality (and talking about it) is healthy and necessary and how we can create healthier and more passionate sexual connection, even in long-term relationships.


We also talk about what sexual trauma is (and why it includes more than just assault or abuse), how it affects our sexual development and how we can reclaim our sexual selves and the pleasure we deserve.


Listen to discover:


  • What happens to sexual desire in long-term relationships
  • Why there is so much shame around talking about sex
  • How to talk to kids about sex and the risks of being exposed to porn too early
  • What sexual trauma is and how it impacts us
  • Healing from childhood sexual trauma
  • How to reclaim pleasure and reignite passion at any age


Sexuality is so much more than the physical relationship we have with another person. It’s our experience of passion in the world (“eroticism” refers to our life force, not just our body), and it tells us so much about ourselves. This is why it’s so important to stay connected to this part of ourselves no matter our relationship status, if we’re young and in love or if we have been with our person for years. I hope this episode gives you the freedom to acknowledge, love and prioritize this part of yourself and to live a more passionate and embodied life.


“The seat of human sexuality, the seat of desire is novelty.” – Dr. Holly Richmond


“A lot of western culture, sex and shame go hand in hand.” – Dr. Holly Richmond


“Sexual trauma is any experience that feels violating in a sexual way.” – Dr. Holly Richmond


“If someone is being sexually coercive, that is a sexual trauma for some people.” – Dr. Holly Richmond


“We have to take the whole construct of ourselves into the equation.” – Dr. Holly Richmond


“We’re taught to judge the body.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Eroticism means life force.” –  Dr. Holly Richmond


“So many of us suffer in silence, and we need to start talking about this. Sex is not a bad word.” – Michelle Chalfant





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