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300 – How to Be a Boundary Boss with Terri Cole

Are you convinced you’re just bad at boundaries? Do you worry this is a trait that you were born without and you’re just destined to feel taken advantage of and resentful for the rest of your life?


The truth is that no one is born good at boundaries! They’re not something you have or don’t have; they’re a skill you develop. That’s right – you CAN become a boundary boss!


My guest today, Terri Cole, is a boundary boss herself and a licensed psychotherapist who helps people from all walks of life overcome the “disease to please,” speak their truth clearly and confidently and live more free, peaceful lives. We talk about how our boundary scripts form (and why it’s not your fault), how to navigate conflict in a healthier way and a POWERFUL list of “boundary rights” you have that will inspire you to take more control of your life today!


Listen to discover:


  • Why boundaries are so hard to set
  • Steps to stop abandoning yourself and set better boundaries
  • “The Boundary Boss Bill of Rights” (this is SO powerful!)
  • How to handle pushback against boundaries
  • What to do about boundary “repeat offenders”


The cool thing about boundaries is that once you start setting them, it gets easier and easier. Though some people will push back against your boundaries, you might be surprised by the amount of appreciation and respect you get from others when you begin setting boundaries. 


You will learn that conflict doesn’t equal disconnection – in fact, boundaries deepen connection and prevent resentment – and you will really experience what it feels like to be loved for your authentic self. And once you know how that feels, there is no turning back!


“We all have this downloaded boundary blueprint in our unconscious mind.” – Terri Cole


“It’s your own personal rules of engagement…All of our boundaries are incredibly unique.” – Terri Cole


“We were raised and praised — most of us — for being self-abandoning codependents.” – Terri Cole


“It’s so much easier to say no when you haven’t already said yes.” – Terri Cole


“‘Isn’t self-care selfish?’ No, it’s self-loving!” – Michelle Chalfant


“Once you start doing it, it feels so good to be known. It feels so good to be accurately seen.” – Terri Cole


“We can stay lovingly attached to the people in our lives while we set boundaries.” – Terri Cole





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