Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 295 – Holiday Special: How to Change Negative Programs and Patterns with Adele Spraggon
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295 – Holiday Special: How to Change Negative Programs and Patterns with Adele Spraggon

When you think about wanting to change or transform, what do you typically think of changing? Most of us think of a behavior or action – something we are doing. If we’ve been doing our work for a while, we might think of a thought pattern or belief. 


But what if everything we do and think is just the tip of the iceberg? What if our actions, behaviors and beliefs are actually the manifestation of deep unconscious patterns in our brains, and if true transformation happens by transforming these patterns?


In this episode, I talk with the incredible Adele Spraggon, a behavioral change and brain expert, about what drives human behavior, why traditional methods of change fail and how we can identify and transform the unconscious patterns that drive our behavior without us even knowing it. 


We’re covering so many topics from relationships to money (because the brain affects them all!), and you will learn Adele’s four-step process for working with negative patterns, even those in your subconscious mind.


I LOVED my conversation with Adele – a true soul sister who speaks The Adult Chair® language – and I know you will too.


Listen to discover:


  • Why simply trying to change behavior doesn’t work
  • The real reason why you do what you do
  • The problem with goal setting
  • How to actually transform actions, behaviors and beliefs
  • Steps to changing unconscious brain patterns
  • Surrender vs. acceptance
  • How this can change your relationship with money, your partner, your family, etc.


Too often we try to change only the external or we try to simply work against the negative patterns in our brain, and we wonder why our lives don’t change. As you will learn in this episode, the key is that we have to get rid of the old pattern before we can replace it with a new one…and this episode will show you how! 


“How we are taught to change behaviors is not effective. What we need to do is deal with our brain’s patterning instead of the actions that we’re taking, the beliefs that we’re holding or the behaviors we’re adopting.” – Adele Spraggon


“Between us and our situations, there lives an interpreter, and that interpreter is our brain.” – Adele Spraggon


“We create this roadmap from [age] 0 to 6 that we’re living in as adults.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Mindset originates in the unconscious patterning of the brain.” – Adele Spraggon


“I love triggers because so much is revealed in a trigger.” – Michelle Chalfant


“People don’t procrastinate. We avoid.” – Adele Spraggon


“Everything about who a person is today is the result of every pattern that has brought them here.” – Adele Spraggon


“The biggest gift you can give another person is to allow that person to show up brand new every time you see them.” – Adele Spraggon





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