Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 280 – How to Get Our Children in Their Adult Chair
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280 – How to Get Our Children in Their Adult Chair






The Adult Chair® model is based on different stages of life and development, with our Adult Chair coming online around age 25 when the brain fully develops.


So, what does that mean for raising healthy kids? Is it possible as a parent to teach your kids the Adult Chair while they’re still literally in their Child or Adolescent phase of life?




No matter what age your child is, you can start modeling what it looks like to be a healthy adult. You can begin to be that touchstone of emotional health that they look to through all their different life experiences.


In this episode, I break down what it looks like to be a healthy adult (how you want to be showing up as a parent) and six keys for modeling The Adult Chair for your children. This is a very practical episode that makes this process simple while leaving room for lots of grace when you and your children inevitably act like the humans you are!


Listen to discover:


  • Eight qualities for living in our Adult Chair 
  • How we can invite others to join us in our Adult Chair
  • Six ways to model The Adult Chair for your children
  • Why lots of grace is a parenting essential 


Remember, The Adult Chair is a model – a touchstone we strive for – and we’re not going to live in it in every moment. Instead, it shows us when we’re off balance and gives us something to reach for. That’s true for you in your parenting journey and true for your kids in their growing up journey. 


But by doing your work and showing them what a healthy adult looks like, you’re already putting them light years ahead on the path to becoming their healthiest, most authentic selves. And what an amazing gift that is to give! 


“97% of the time we’re incorrect with our stories.” – Michelle Chalfant

“Healthy adults respond to people and don’t blow up and react when we’re triggered.” – Michelle Chalfant


“We seek to know what we’re feeling and then we get curious about what’s going on inside.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Whether you have a toddler or you have an adult child, start today. Because your kids are always going to be looking at you, and there’s always a chance to respect you and grow and learn from you.” – Michelle Chalfant


“We reach for vices when we don’t know what to do with our internal pain.” – Michelle Chalfant


“They become what they witness in the household.” – Michelle Chalfant




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