Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 278 – An Uncivilized Man with Traver Boehm
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278 – An Uncivilized Man with Traver Boehm


“Be a man.” It’s a loaded phrase that our culture uses to tell men to be tough, not show their feelings and just keep pressing on. 


But is this true masculinity? Is there a better way to be a man?


My guest today, Traver Boehm, is on a mission to redefine masculinity, bringing together what he calls “primal savagery” and a connection to the heart that is spiritual, emotional and whole. He believes this is what true masculinity looks like, before culture told men who to be, and he spends his life teaching men how to unapologetically become their most authentic self.


And as a woman, let me tell you: this is the kind of masculine energy that the world is looking for!


In this conversation, Traver tells his story of being one of the guys who looked like he “had it all” until his life unraveled and he forced himself to look inward at the ways he was numbing his pain. From there, he developed his “uncivilized man” ethos that calls men back to their authentic selves and helps them succeed in all areas of life – from relationships to work to mental health – from a heart-centered place.


Listen to discover:


  • What true, healthy masculinity looks like 
  • How and why the culture has conditioned men not to feel
  • Why it’s so important – and manly – for men to do their work and heal themselves 
  • What to do when your partner doesn’t want to engage emotionally and spiritually
  • How to get the things you want in life without killing your soul in the process


Whether you’re a man looking to be the healthiest version of yourself or a woman looking for resources for the men in her life, I know you will be inspired by Traver’s beautiful example of what masculinity was designed to be and how healthy men can change the world.


“Primal savagery and a deep connection to your heart: that to me is ‘uncivilized’” – Traver Boehm


“The part that’s been missing has been going into the heart.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Culturally, we have asked men to not feel.” – Traver Boehm


“The old paradigm said, ‘Men, you are responsible for everything external and nothing internal.’” – Traver Boehm


“We’ve numbed ourselves to the point of getting to ignore what is true, which is we are hurting.” – Traver Boehm


“We’ve got to connect with ourselves – and we do that through feeling our emotions – before we can ever connect with anyone else.” – Michelle Chalfant




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