Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 259 – Your Healthy Adult in the Enneagram with Ramona Reid
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259 – Your Healthy Adult in the Enneagram with Ramona Reid

I know you guys love all things Enneagram (and I do too!), so I’m thrilled to bring back our resident Enneagram expert and dear friend of mine, Ramona Reid. Ramona, who is also an Adult Chair® Certified Coach, has always done a beautiful job weaving together The Adult Chair® with the Enneagram, helping us understand how our inner child and childhood wounding shapes our personality type and how our Adolescent fear manifests depending on our Enneagram type.


But the point of the Enneagram is not to put you in a box of personality…it’s to help you see the ways you’re already stuck so you can transform and become a more whole, authentic self! Each type also has the healthiest, highest version of their type (aka The Adult Chair) where the beautiful gifts and virtues of each type bring healing to the world…for example, Type 1’s integrity, Type 2’s love, Type 8’s power and Type 9’s peace.


So, in this episode, we’re focusing on what healthy looks like for each Enneagram type, so you can better understand what life looks like for you when you are in your Adult Chair! 


Listen to discover:


  • A breakdown of all nine types and their highest versions
  • What The Adult Chair looks like for each Enneagram type
  • How to tell when you’re becoming healthier
  • Why we all access healing differently


I hope this episode gives you a guide to see when you’re living in your Adult Chair and reminds you of the beautiful gifts you uniquely bring to the world!


“When we’re in our Adolescent…our way of being is coming from the illusion that there’s something missing….When we start to realize that we are in fact the source of this thing that we think is missing…that’s when we start being in our Adult Chair.” – Ramona Reid


“The only way we can really get there is to identify the feeling behind the doing.” – Ramona Reid


“I don’t think time heals. I think really getting in there and being curious and working with our emotions is what heals wounds.” – Ramona Reid


“This is what The Adult Chair is all about. That’s why we’ve got all the aspects of what a healthy Adult looks like, so we can reach and point our energy towards that.” – Michelle Chalfant


“You’re not going to lose those parts of yourself. You’re going to lose the part of yourself that acts out by not wanting to be scared.” – Ramona Reid


“The next thought is the conscious thought from the Adult perspective.” – Michelle Chalfant





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