Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 254 – Change Your Life with Breath with Nevsah Karamehmet
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254 – Change Your Life with Breath with Nevsah Karamehmet

Would you believe me if I told you that 90% of unexplained illnesses could be traced to one simple thing…something you do every day? Believe it or not, they can, and that thing is breathing.


Studies have shown that hundreds of different ailments that can’t be traced back to a known cause can often be connected to dysfunctional breathing. The good news is that breathing is SO simple and easy to work with (all it takes is about five minutes a day), and in this episode, I’m interviewing the perfect person to help you get started.


Nevsah Karamehmet is a breathing expert and a wealth of knowledge on the science behind the breath and how it impacts every system in our bodies. In this episode, she shares how breathing affects our thinking and ability to process emotions, what healthy breathing really looks like and how to change your life through your breath.


Listen to discover:


  • The connection between breath and psychology 
  • The science behind healthy breathing
  • How balancing the inhale and exhale balances the nervous system
  • Why breathwork is a great introduction to meditation
  • The connection between different types of breathing and different health issues
  • Simple exercises to help you start breathing better


I know what Nevsah is saying is true, because I’ve had this experience working with a personal trainer on my lower back. He connected my pain back to my breathing and has me doing breathwork to heal a physical issue. How much more is our breathing also affecting our thoughts, feelings and emotions every day?


Breath is the essence of life, so it’s absolutely something we need to learn how to do. Nevsah gives us a few really basic exercises to begin with that are SO easy and can make such a huge difference in our overall well-being. Every human needs to hear this episode!


“Breathing affects our psychology. The way we breathe affects how we think.” – Nevsah Karamehmet


“There is no correct way to breathe on the mechanical level…We all have different breathing habits. Some of those habits are helpful and some of those are harmful.” – Nevsah Karamehmet


“If your breathing is flexible, then you are healthy.” – Nevsah Karamehmet


“When we don’t stop the emotions, they pass through us.” – Michelle Chalfant 


“In my breath journey, I became an Adult.” – Nevsah Karamehmet





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