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247 – Decision Making Made Easy

Decisions, decisions. We are all faced with dozens of choices every day some that we make without a second thought and others that can leave us wrestling with all our options or get us completely stuck.


When we are in the Adolescent Chair (the seat of the ego), decisions can feel intimidating or impossible, not only because we’re worried about making the “right” choice, but also because it comes with the other traps of the ego: ruminating thoughts, negative self-talk and stuck parts. Getting into the Adult Chair and bringing in consciousness completely transforms the way we approach and make decisions!


In this episode, I walk you through the reasons you might get stuck making a decision, hands-on tools for easier decision making (I love a good pros and cons list) and tools you can use to find blocked parts and get more confident in whatever decision you choose.


Listen to discover: 


  • Reasons why you might struggle with decision making 
  • The downward spiral of self-judgment that can keep us from making decisions
  • Practical steps to get unstuck and make conscious decisions
  • A parts work process to work with blocked parts 


Choice is a gift, and with these steps, you will find that you can enjoy easy decision making and make the most of the many beautiful opportunities you are offered in life!


“This is why we have such a difficult time making decisions: the ego is unconsciously whispering to us ‘Don’t do that. That’s not safe.’” – Michelle Chalfant


“The ego can run wild if we’re unconscious.” – Michelle Chalfant


“If you can feel at least 80% [ready to make a decision], it’s ok to have a little bit of fear.” – Michelle Chalfant


“When you bring consciousness into your reality when it comes to decision making, your life will change and you will find that decision making becomes easier than you imagined.” – Michelle Chalfant 




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