Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 245 – Finding Balance Through Chinese Medicine with Brodie Welch
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245 – Finding Balance Through Chinese Medicine with Brodie Welch

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To start 2021, we are talking all about simple, hands-on tools and practices that you can incorporate into your life to help you get into your Adult Chair now and all year long. Today, we’re talking about one of my favorites: Chinese medicine.


Chinese medicine is a beautiful, holistic view of healthcare that helps us find balance on the emotional, physical and spiritual level. It incorporates acupuncture, herbology, bodywork, movement and diet along with meditation and other grounding practices to bring health to your entire self. 


At the root of all Chinese medicine practices is the idea that we are interconnected beings and true wellness comes from treating the whole person and not just symptoms. I love this approach!


In this episode, I talk with Brodie Welch, an acupuncturist and expert in Chinese medicine. We talk about presence, consciousness and processing emotions along with physical tools such as Qi gong and herbs. You might be surprised by the way these overlap with many of the ideas in The Adult Chair!


Listen to discover:


  • How Chinese medicine helps the body create health by finding balance 
  • How to find patterns and treat them holistically 
  • Why it’s important to look for connections between how you’re feeling and where those feelings manifest in the body
  • What Qi gong is and its benefits
  • Simple self-care actions that you can take each day to live more in balance


Brodie also walks us through a simple Qi gong exercise on the podcast that will help you get into balance in the moment (and maybe try a new practice you haven’t tried before!).


“It’s a way of looking at the world and the body as an ecosystem…Chinese medicine sees the body as this interconnected system of different kinds of energy.” – Brodie Welch


“No state of our physicality doesn’t have an emotion that goes with it.” – Brodie Welch


“It’s not about treating a condition. It’s about treating a person.” – Brodie Welch


“You don’t have to make this giant leap into someone that you’re not…If we can shift a tiny bit today and then the next day, we’re going to find a great change.” – Michelle Chalfant




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