Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 244 – Music as a Healing Art with Cheryl B. Engelhardt
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244 – Music as a Healing Art with Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Every day, our minds are taking in thousands of sights and sounds that can either bring us stress or calm….sometimes without us even knowing it! But what if we could intentionally use tools like sound and music to bring relaxation, presence and calm into our lives?


In this episode, I’m chatting with the fascinating Cheryl B. Engelhardt, a New York-based composer who creates beautiful music designed to boost our brain state and promote healing in our lives. After battling panic attacks and transforming her own anxiety using tools like meditation and a gratitude practice, Cheryl combined her science and music backgrounds to compose arrangements that help us process our emotions, get into the flow state and find more balance in our lives.


Cheryl uses her awareness of biological factors like resting heart rate and different types of brain waves along with her own success with affirmations and mindfulness to create intricately designed tracks that affect the listener at the emotional level.


Listen to discover:


  • Cheryl’s amazing story of overcoming anxiety and pouring what she learned into her musical career
  • How music can help you get in the flow and reduce distraction
  • The science behind how music affects your brain state, mood and more
  • The connection between music and emotions


I love the way Cheryl has crafted each song on her new album “Luminary” to focus on releasing or attracting different things like confidence, abundance and love. And I’m telling you…this music puts you in such a focused and present state that you can feel right away!


Music, like energy, is frequency and vibration, so it only makes sense that music has the power to impact us at a deep level. What a gift to have a tool that all of us can access and that allows us to balance our brains and heal anxiety just by listening! 


“Two months into starting a daily meditation practice, I had my last panic attack.” – Cheryl B. Engelhardt 


“Gratitude flips that and gratitude starts to have you say ‘What’s good here?’” – Michelle Chalfant


“The music is matching the energy of the emotion and then it’s pulling you up.” – Michelle Chalfant




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