Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 224 – The Law of Attraction with Christy Whitman
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224 – The Law of Attraction with Christy Whitman

Before studying the Law of Attraction, Christy “had it all” but still felt really unhappy and unfulfilled. As she began seeking, she discovered meditation and eventually the Law of Attraction, both of which led her to recognize how her inner dialog was creating unhappiness in her life. As she worked to shift her own life, she began to realize the power of her thoughts in creating her reality and that she felt called to share this gift with others. Since then, Christy has become a life coach, teacher and Law of Attraction guru, and I’m thrilled to share her wisdom with you on today’s podcast.


In this episode, Christy not only shares the principles behind the Law of Attraction but also how and why it works at an energetic level. She explains the way that common thought patterns or words we use with ourselves are keeping us from getting what we want and how to change those patterns to attract what we are seeking. If you are feeling stuck and not manifesting the life you dream of or if you’re interested in learning more about creation and how to transform your life, this is the episode for you!


Listen to discover:


  • What the law of attraction is and why it works
  • How we work as receivers, containers and senders of energy
  • The ways we send out energy through what we say, think, expect, feel and act
  • Why you might be experiencing blocks in manifestation
  • The role of guilt in our lives and the power of forgiveness
  • Three questions we need to ask to pivot our lives


“I could actually choose my thoughts to be different even though ‘what it is’ is the way it is.” – Christy Whitman


“If you feel resistance of any kind, that’s energy.” – Christy Whitman


“When you say words that are based in lack, anything that starts in lack is going to end in lack. When you’re starting with words that are words of abundance…then that whole creation starts from there.” – Christy Whitman


“Most of us walk around in this very unconscious state with these automatic thoughts just going, going, going. We’re not even aware. So, slowing down and becoming aware is so key.” – Michelle Chalfant




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