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212 – Boundaries Crash Course

Boundaries are one of those things that I think we can never talk too much about! Though this is a simple topic, boundaries are difficult for most of us — but they’re completely life-changing when we learn to practice them well.


So, it’s time to talk about boundaries again, and in this episode, I’m giving you a boundaries crash course! If you’ve been listening for a while, this will be a great refresher on the topic of boundaries…and if you’re brand new to the show, this is the perfect place to start in learning this critical skill. 


A boundary is simply teaching others how to treat us. Setting them can feel scary at first, but it’s our job to care for ourselves by honoring our boundaries. Otherwise, we are betraying ourselves and putting the beliefs and values of others before ours…and that never leads to peace and happiness in life.


Listen to discover:


  • The first step to knowing your boundaries
  • How to communicate “bullet point” boundaries
  • How to get more comfortable with boundaries as a codependent and how to distinguish weak boundaries from loving action
  • When to speak up and when to remove yourself (both a version of boundaries)
  • Why we can’t expect others to know our boundaries


Remember, a boundary can be as simple as “I feel _____ when you do _____.” This is a great formula for getting started with boundaries!


Most of us didn’t have health boundaries modeled growing up, and most of us struggle with setting them. Give yourself some grace! This is not about beating yourself up but about practicing boundaries until they get easier with time — and you get healthier as a result.


“Before setting a boundary, you have to know who you are and what your beliefs, values, morals and needs are.” – Michelle Chalfant


“A boundary may have no words. It may be removing yourself.” – Michelle Chalfant




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