Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 198 – Transforming Fear
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198 – Transforming Fear

Fear creeps in and out of our lives all the time. It’s just a human emotion, but it’s a sneaky one. It starts small, then all of the sudden, we’re overtaken by it until it becomes paralyzing. A little bit of fear can quickly turn into a lot of fear.


A few weeks ago, I shared a story with you about some anxiety I was experiencing and a six-step process to move from panic to peace quickly (check out episode #195 to discover this process). While this process is incredibly effective, I found that I still had some fear creeping up, despite being able to calm my feelings of anxiety. I began to get curious about this fear and figure out why it was coming into my life.


Fear is often a future-focused emotion. It is based on unknowns, which trigger the Adolescent and throw us into stories and assumptions. When we find ourselves afraid, many people advise us to step back and “trust the process” which is true, but much easier said than done! Before we can trust, we must find the part that is able to trust and connect with that part.


In this show, I am sharing the secret I discovered to identify the source of fear and transform it before it triggers the ego. There is a part of us where both fear and trust live, and when we tap into it, it transforms fear almost instantly!


You’ll discover:


  • Where your fear originates
  • How to stop stories and assumptions before they start (before we even slide into the Adolescent)
  • How to discover the source of your emotions
  • How to stop fear in its tracks and find deeper peace
  • Practical tips for doing inner child work (one of the most powerful processes for healing)


By the way, if you liked the six-step process in episode #195, the tips I share in today’s episode make for a great “Step 7” that can be added on to that process in just one minute or less! 





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