Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 91: What do I do with my Anger?
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91: What do I do with my Anger?

So many of us are afraid of our anger. We use language like, “don’t go there” or “stay calm”. We to push it down and shove it away and teach ourselves to hide from it, and hide it from others. In fact, this is the programming we get from others when we have anger. People close to us tell us to “chill out”, “calm down” or even “get over it”. The most insidious: sometimes we even hear “you are scaring me”. Of course, we don’t want to scare others, so we shove down this powerful emotion, and there it sits, simmering.


But anger is an emotion of change. If we learn to sit with our anger just as we sit with our other emotions, we can come to understand it, to learn from it, and maybe even to love it in time. This week on the show, we’re talking all about the anger that lives inside of all of us, and how we can live in harmony with it instead of fear!




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